PUBG Survivor Pass: Vikendi And The Schedule For Big Matches

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Survivor Pass: Vikendi is about to end in PUBG. Explore the detailed schedule for the endings and make sure you claim your unclaimed things in the shop.

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PUBG Survivor Pass: Vikendi has started at the beginning of the season. With the appearance of Survivor Pass, the PUBG game was more exciting. However, here comes the ending time for the event, and it’s the last chance for players to claim remaining items in the shop.

Let’s go through your schedule and make your calendar free on the following dates.

Snowy PUBG Survivor Pass in Vikendi map
Snowy PUBG Survivor Pass in Vikendi map

Survivor Pass: Vikendi will come to an end soon. There was a blast for players all around the world and an abundant crop for many warriors. When the Pass closes, it’s time the coupon shop refuses any pick-up.

Therefore, you should check these dates and make time to collect items or rewards. You would regret it if you don’t, as items in Survivor Pass: Vikendi is amazing and in-Survivor-Pass only.

The detailed schedule for the endings of Survivor Pass: Vikendi in PUBG

Here comes the detailed schedule to close up Survivor Pass: Vikendi.

  • Sale event will end on 28th March at 12 AM PDT or 8 AM CET
  • Level up tickets with sale-off price closes in 2nd April at noon PDT at 8 AM CET
  • After that, the Survivor Pass: Vikendi officially closes on 2nd April at 12 AM PDT or 8 AM CET

You still have a chance to claim the rest of the items in the Survivor Pass grace period But be hurry since it will end on 9th April at 12 AM PDT or 8 AM CET.It may be your last chance to grab the best stuff. And as the team of PUBG suggests, a unique tool in this game could change a lot of things, and luckily, these unique tools are only in events like Survivor Pass: Vikendi.

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