Plans To Remaster Erangel Will Start Based On Recent Thoughts By The PUBG Team

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Plans to Remaster Erangel is in the PUBG team's plan for a long and seems to generate soon. What does the team have in their mind? Let’s peep on the outline!

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Plans on remaster Erangel map is on by the PUBG Team, and they just announced to the gaming community recently about the upcoming schedule. It’s exciting to all of us about the supposedly new experience on the best Esport gameplay. However, until it completes, plans are still on paper. Let’s see what idea the PUBG dev team’s idea is planning on it.

Remastering Erangel starts now
Remastering Erangel starts now

The PUBG team recently hinted about their plan to improve the map, starting with Erangel – the main one. Also, there could be the addition of a new technique to balance looting activities during the game. They implied a brand-new method, but we haven’t known it yet. Let’s dig deeper in plans to Remaster Erangel!

What does the PUBG Team think about remastering Erangel?

Developers consider upgrading the map the first thing to do. They plan to alter some points around the map, which promises a better user experience. There were spots on the map that weren’t the best, while Erangel remains the main battlefield.

However, balance in looting also matters a lot to a player’s plans and developments. Hence, they want to include it in the remastering plan.

Map image in PUBG is leaking but keep in mind that it’s not official. The plan in mastering Erangel is ongoing but not completed. The PUBG team will continue testing it along with players and upgrade inappropriate changes.

Until they publish the final map, chances are opening to you in exchanging opinions, contributing to constructing the new plan. Feel free to contact the PUBG developer team and send your feedback as it’s the most effective way to take part in making the game you will love in the future.

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