PUBG Team Announces Plans to Remaster Erangel
PUBG Team Announces Plans to Remaster Erangel

According to several recent leaks of a map image in PUBG, the development team can say that they are researching on brand new methods in order to help keep the loot more and more balanced, and otherwise, they will enhance their maps, with Erangel being the first one. Let’s take a deeper look at the PUBG team’s thoughts!

What does the PUBG Team think about re-mastering Erangel?

The whole team does understand how important the loot balance is when it plays as a part of the game. Not only that, but the map layout is also a crucial element that cannot be forgotten to upgrade. At the moment, the developers want to carry out several alterations to Erangel map and they will make sure that all the changes be better when completed. Several potential changes to Erangel will be tested soon. The plans for these tests will be shared to you in the upcoming weeks.

All the images that were leaked are just a snapshot in time, and you need to keep this in mind. These images cannot be employed to describe the plan in details. For that reason, all players will have a chance to admire the full picture, with the level of thought and work carried by the team to re-master this crucial map. Additionally, the PUBG team will examine it along with the players. Never stop sending your thoughts and feedback on the changes made to Erangel map. They are a fundamental element that will make PUBG environment funnier and more awesome to join.


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