PUBG Update #27 – Test Server Update

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Update #27 for PUBG PC game is called Test Server. It adds to the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game many important items, with changes, bug fixes, and more.

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Update #27 – Test Server Update

It is one of the most useful versions reserved for improving the gaming experience of PUBG PC game. It provides the MP5K, with rebalances for many weapons, and introduces the Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card, etc.

Update # 27 is now active on the PC Test Server! It’s planned to launch for the following week. You can check out the full details of Update #27 below.


  • According to PUBG update, MP5K is a compact machine gun and only for Vikendi map. It takes the place of Vector.
  • It can fire 900 rounds per minute and you can withdraw it without difficulty.
  • The base damage is 33 points.
  • MP5K gives players in PUBG game module slots so you can gear up with a tactic you want, various charges, barrel modules, a handle, a laser sight, and different riflescopes.

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

It will be deployed in PUBG PC game for a short time. It will supply 60 prizes collected during 10 weeks.

Not only that, you can engage in advanced quests that will require your capability when in the test, with a function to supervise missions in the real time.

Pass Period:

Duration of Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

Note that it will exist for 10 weeks, from March 27 to June 5.

Enhanced features:

  • The status of the goal in the Pass for PUBG update is shown directly within the game.
  • Strike P to track your process!


There are several exciting challenges that you are recommended to dominate before being the winner in PUBG PC game.

  • Daily: They will be modified every day. Try to fulfill promptly! It’s not simple to deal with a maximum of 3 missions per day!
  • Weekly: You will receive 10 jobs. Attempt to finish half of them per week! The assignment that you cannot end on time will be removed.
  • Beginner: There are 10 tasks announcing features in PUBG Gameplay.
  • Added other ones that are crucial to discovering your shooting skill, in which, you can wield weapons like Tommy Gun, Beryl M762, S686, UMP45, M16A4, and obtain skins


  • Accessories for the face and hair will appear as free gifts.
  • Have more backpack skins
  • Each level in PUBG PC that you win will generate a coupon that can be redeemed at the store to claim random items and keys.

Premium Pass and Level Gain Pass

  • Premium Pass: 9.99 Euro
  • A free key will belong to Premium Pass holders. It regains an Eastern Erangel police box.
  • Level gain artifacts
  • Items to win 5 levels (4,99 Euro ), 20 levels (17,99 Euro) or 30 levels (24,99 Euro)
  • Period of sale: starts from 03/27/2019 at 03:00 (Paris) to the maintenance of the server of 05/06/2019.


  • Selecting the language in PUBG is switched off during the game to block a crash involved in the internal parts of the trip

Survival Title System – Season 3

A large amount of feedback during Season 2 Beta of our Survival System resulted in launching Season 3 in PUBG update, which including another rewards system. The season also has the awards of the previous entry.

Season 2 Beta Rewards

  • Distribution of the rewards of the beta of Season 2 on 27/03/2019
  • Rewards will be granted to those who have attained better than the Novice title and they will be based on the final of each.
  • They will be shared out in a wink.
  • In case you did not get them by the ad date, please connect to the customer service.
  • If you got one by breaking the policy, you can be restricted or something will be kept.

Season 3 title system schedule

  • Preseason: March 20th to 27th
  • Beginning date: March 27

Better balance of survival points (SP)

  • Survival Points (SP) garnered by participants during Season 2 in PUBG PC will be altered again.
  • Balanced the survival point (SP) gain rate one more time

Rewards system

  • Dissimilar to what occurred in Season 2 Beta, the current promotion will furnish yellow coupons. It can be utilized with Yellow Coupons through Season 3.
  • The SP info button is changed into the Reward one. After you are assisted, you can hit that switch.


  • Since the present PUBG Update, The Survivor Title Rank icon will be reset.
  • It’s possible to download stats and look up rewards for each Season 3 on the Season Page!


To begin and conclude PUBG PC smoothly, do not skip the gameplay. It has many sections.

Changes for weapons

There are a large number of improvements for ammunition in PUBG PC.

  • M16A4
    • Lowered the power of earliest attacks
    • Boosted the damage, depending on distance
    • Can buy a staggered viewfinder and a tactical buttstock
  • Vector
    • Lessened the damage from 34 to 31
    • It can fire 9mm bullets
    • Enhanced the loader capacity to 13/25
  • UMP
    • It will allow the player to set off 45 ACP bullets.
    • It is known as UMP45.
    • Increased its loader capacity to 30/40
    • The noise from shots is also modified because of ammunition.
  • Balancing difference in modules
  • Assembled sorts for the PUBG weapons like pistols and the submachine guns
  • Added the rifle ammo belts, Win94 and Kar98k
  • You can put the M16A and the Mutant together with strategic lacrosse
  • Diminished the recovery time after the recoil, with the jolts of weapons while firing
  • Improved a bit the time of use and accuracy of the ADS
  • You can equip guns with the holographic sights from now on. In that circumstance, the viewfinder’s size will be contingent on the gun.
  • Injury damage
    • Increased the arm damage in case of a submachine gun injury, from 120% to 125%
    • Cranked up the damage to the body of a sniper by 150%

Balancing changes related to item appearances

The seats released by groups of modules are scattered properly. That causes a slight increase in the rate of existence of more important objects in PUBG, for example, Assault Rifles, Equipment, Health Packs, and so on. On the initial map Erangel, it is reduced compared to the total.

  • Assault rifle: around 12%
  • DMR: about 16%
  • Submachine gun: approximately 14%
  • The rate of handguns and sniper rifles is multiplied a little.

Gameplay changes

  • Instead of the first aid kits in PUBG PC game cannot reinstate immediately when being selected, it will be able to heal in 2 seconds.
  • Your sight will be decreased by being touched.
  • Have a distribution of rustling between properties
  • Backpack, costumes: No sounds can be caught if you do not have a backpack or a suit. Additionally, the noise emitted from items is identical.
  • Arms: There are not similar rustles. Except for pistols, melee weapons, and Molotov cocktails, you can’t spot any noise linked to throwables.

Balancing sound levels

  • The volume and radius of rustling changes will come from the movement speed.

The distress gun

  • It was informed in Update 26.


  • Discarded the icon on the main map and mini-map of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Removed the message showing the coming special crates
  • Many people believed that the distress pistol icons with messages were not suitable for the realistic Battle Royale genre in PUBG. So, it was thrown away.

Adjustment of some sound effects

  • The altitude of the airplane releasing distress pistols is increased. That is worked to lessen the noise.

Adjust balancing objects to restore:

  • Decreased the rate of PUBG weapons
  • Did the same for the content of supply crates in the Teams Mode
  • From feedback, the developers determined to decline the influence of distress guns on the PUBG gameplay.


To pay tribute to the FACEIT Global Summit (FGS): PUBG Classic, which is set in London in April, a special poster about maps of PUBG PC, Sanhok and Vikendi, will be supplemented.

  • Sanhok: They will focus on areas: Ha Tinh, Paradise Resort, Pai Nan and Boot Camp.
  • Vikendi: Added a billboard to Volnova

Access the real PUBG Esports website and the FACEIT Global Summit website to see more!


  • Designed the Settings Menu interface for PC again
  • Modernized the entire interface blueprint of the system menu, settings, and team management, the shop in PUBG
  • Explained more and added images for parameter options
  • Linked functionality to the volume of an ally
  • Included a key guide screen

Store enhancement

  • Reworked the spot of your axis and PUBG weapons in the preview
  • Adjusted the size of the weapon
  • Concealed the View Details button

Friends List Status Improvement

  • The message “Playing” will be opened to those who are joining your Friends and Recent lists
  • If you notice competitors through the Search Tab, they will be found they are “playing”.

Rich Presence Integration

  • The eSports Mode will be shown as Esports Mode (Esports Ready)

Crosshair UI Improvement for the Canted Sight & Scopes:

  • Added another crosshair when controlling the Canted Sight to support you to point out which scope you have stocked
  • If utilizing the most vital scope in PUBG PC, you can realize the standard crosshair, with an X one when deploying the Canted Sight.

Replay System

  • The replay version in PUBG has been improved. Replays recorded previously cannot be played anymore.
  • Reconsidered to comprise game audio when sending movies from Replay Editor
  • Have Highlight Replay features with one that helps you track down highlights with the H key if you are gazing at a guy during a replay, highlights of the chosen warriors as built as followed:
    • If you destroy or cause a knockdown on another
    • If you are eliminated
    • If you run away from the blue zone with less than 5 HP
    • If you rule a chicken dinner


  • Made the best of the Network Debug Statistics UI providing logic to ameliorate FPS in PUBG PC
  • Optimized replay recording logic

Skins & Items

  • The second Anniversary Cap for players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is accessible!
    • You can redeem the cap on the Featured and Items Page of the store.
    • That will work from March 26 PDT on the live server.
      • Availability period will begin on that day and end on April 23 PDT before the live server maintenance.
    • Item sales for the ones below will stop on March 26 PDT:
      • Bizon Guerrilla Skin
      • Chinese Streamer Skins
      • East Erangel Police Crates
        • Brought to the pool of random crates

Custom Match

  • Deleted default of the feature in which you can keep the location in the observing system in PUBG PC
    • Took away the default region that you would roam if pressing Ctrl+Num button
    • Saved the feature to preserve the certain position
    • How to apply: Deliver from the expected district by hitting Ctrl+Num in FreeCam view
  • Altered options in Custom Match depending on the Gameplay changes above
    • Put attachments for Pistols and SMGs into one category
    • Unifies bullet loops for Kar98K and Shotguns
    • Turned UMP9 into UMP45
    • Revised Tactical stock option from M416, Vector to SMGs, ARs
    • Have a weapon MP5K


  • PUBG will support Irish

Bug Fixes

We have two main parts here. Which ones refined will contribute to make PUBG superior.


  • Fixed a bug that footstep sounded wrong while you were stepping on the steel floor
  • Fixed where you would get trapped in a wall when you were leaping on the top of something in a building on Sanhok


Here is the brief list of every common issue in PUBG PC. Of course, they are checked.

  • Fixed a problem when you could not see former walls by exploiting the emote mechanism
  • Fixed a bug that you could not unbolt or shut doors
  • Fixed where you would catch sight of a thin wall when you were leaning against it
  • Fixed the trouble that a character was damaged by 2
  • Molotov Cocktails, the one who launched the first would be confirmed with the kill
  • Fixed a bug that the smoke from a grenade explosion defined those who were staying in the smoke grenade
  • Fixed where you could not lean when holding a crossbow
  • Fixed those who used the poor network to link to PUBG gameplay would take no damage if they were escaping from moving vehicles
  • Fixed a bug that made the gun set again to single fire mode
  • Fixed hands that swayed unusually whilst changing firing mode on the Bizon
  • Fixed the Inventory UI popped up inaccurately when arming attachments on the QBZ
  • Fixed an item that blocked Care Packs from dropping on PUBG
  • Fixed an issue that you could not recover after the match client was stopped or crashed
  • Fixed the object that was visible in areas at once
  • Fixed a bug that caused heavy FPS to bring down temporarily picking hotkeys to mute or modify audio channels
  • Fixed the auto mini-map zoom which was not triggered when inside an aircraft or whilst parachuting in PUBG PC
  • Fixed a matter you could not dress up items that they were traded for BP before
  • Fixed handling Page Up or Down
  • Fixed the gun recoil that was not materialized normally when checking somebody firing in ADS
  • Fixed the video length sliding in Replay Editor not easy to view
  • Fixed the join between the neck and body which were seen
  • Fixed a strange line which was searched from the head in Zombie Mode
  • Fixed the Canted Sight raised up ADS speed of the scopes fastened
  • Fixed the wrong magazine model display on the Beryl in PUBG
  • Fixed swapping from the main sight to canted sight that would set differently reticle brightness

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