Releasing Patch Notes Update #27a for PUBG PC

PUBG Mobile Publisher Aurora PUBG Mobile ItemsPUBG Game, PUBG Update PUBG Mobile Published2 May, 2019

With the patch notes update #27s released for PUBG PC, you will explore a new map: The Moon, with new contents like vehicles, guns, and some gameplay changes.

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Be ready for more big changes coming to PUBG PC game via the today’s update! You must have checked out the recent balance patch, and now let’s continue it with more changes. The PUBG dev team always tries their best to make PUBG game much more realistic, and now, they will introduce to all of you a brand new map with some new contents added to the game. Check out this PUBG Update now!

New Map: The Moon in PUBG

You already know that Moonlight weather setting on Vikendi is extremely popular, which is why the dev team worked so hard to discover what it was about this mode that could make the fans crazy so much, and eventually, they came to find that it was the full moon itself. This is a motive for them to create the new map: The Moon which will be on the surface of the moon.

  • New Map: The Moon
New Map: The Moon in PUBG
New Map: The Moon in PUBG
  • The largest map of PUBG game so far is at over 3,476 square kilometers
  • New Feature: “Zero G”
    • You will not take any fall damage when you are on the Moon.
    • The jump height and duration are all advanced by 10x on the Moon.
    • The ones struck with heavy-hitting weapons, like melee and shotguns, will be totally tossed for some meters at a slow speed.
  • Now, the footprints of the players will be left on the Moon.
Footprints Of Players On The Moon in PUBG
Footprints Of Players On The Moon in PUBG
  • In spite of having no weather cycles, the Moon itself will still be either lit or in complete darkness, which totally counts on the side you spawn on.
  • On the Moon, no boost gauge and boost items are used, just only oxygen tanks.
    • To prevent yourself from suffocating, you’d better keep the oxygen tanks on hand.
  • New Moon Exclusive Vehicle: Moon Rover
    • To survive on the moon, you will need rovers, as you have thousands of meters to cover for approaching the safe zone.

Pushing the boundaries of realistic Battle Royale with this brand new map: The Moon is such a great thing! Do not forget to keep an eye out for the forthcoming Survivor Pass: Cosmonaut if you are fond of this frontier.

New Content in PUBG

  • Now you can get access to a revenge bomb as loot to all maps.
    • Hold the bomb in your inventory, and if a certain foe opens your deathbox, he/she will be exploded.
    • Don’t forget to set a pre-recorded message to play once the bomb explodes.
  • Feel free to use the Squirt Gun added to the Vikendi map only.
    • If anyone hit by this new weapon, they will get damaged over time as they earn stacks of frostbite.
  • The size for the squad is now 20 as maximum
    • You can use new squad transport vehicles now: The Stretch Limousine and Party Bus.
  • Level-4 helmets are also launched in the game already.
    • When you wear this, you will not take any bullets.
    • But, your screen visibility will be strongly decreased.
Level-4 Helmet in PUBG Game
Level-4 Helmet in PUBG Game


  • “Winner Winner Tofu Dinner” is a new option added to PUBG game for vegetarian and vegan fans.
  • “Wadu Hek” is a brand new language added to PUBG game thanks to the dedicated work of some fans.
  • Worked with WackyJacky101 for attaching a nice welcome message to the in-game lobby.
    • From now, when a new player loads in, you will hear the sound that will be played globally.

Skins and Cosmetics

  • Social channels now possess an intelligent algorithm delaying chocoTaco items by one week each time the team is asked about them.

Gameplay Changes

  • Frying pans can now be used as a tool to cook food, and this will help emphasize survival in PUBG.
    • A brand new win condition was added when using the pan.
      • If you can gather elements and cook your own Chicken Dinner, you will automatically win the match without trying to become the lone survivor.
  • Now, boosts will deliver a stacking % chance to make your character experience a heart attack.
    • Energy Drink: 2%
    • Painkillers: 10%
    • Adrenaline: 25%
  • An opportunity is given to you so you can harm your arm when involved in scooter accidents.

New Gameplay Features

  • Animations and AI were added to the dinosaurs in Dino Park on the Vikendi map.
  • You are totally capable of beginning every game using just a simple cell phone in your own inventory!
    • Did you use to want to use the phone to play PUBG Mobile? Now, you can totally do that while you are camping in houses or waiting for the zone.
    • Do you take any selfie pictures in PUBG game? If yes, you can post them to linked social media accounts easily.
The Pictures in Social Media Accounts
The Pictures in Social Media Accounts
  • Already introduced region-proper, dangerous wildlife to every map.
    • Erangel – Grizzly Bears
    • Miramar – Jaguars
    • Sanhok – Giant Pythons
    • Vikendi – Yeti
    • The Moon – Wizards
    • Training Camp – WackyJacky101
  • For those who never agree with the idea of killing can decide to stay on the plane and go back to civilization.
  • You can add a 15x scope to pistols easily now.
Arm Your Pistols 15x Scope in PUBG Game
Arm Your Pistols 15x Scope in PUBG Game
  • Step Counter integration is now introduced to the game.
    • All of your steps in the game will count towards your daily total.
  • The full auto mode was finally added to SR weapons.
    • The auto mode will have an influence on these following weapons:
      • Kar98k
      • M24
      • AWM

Are you excited about these changes? You should hurry up checking out all of them and enjoying them in PUBG PC game. Feel free to send your feedback on this update to the PUBG dev team.

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