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For all of our beloved PUBG mobile players, please read the terms of use carefully before starting your experience with our online services and our pubg mobile. It should be noted that all pubg game information is constantly updated on our website.

Terms of use for PUBG mobile contain all the important rules and regulations set by PUBG Corp. To have a good experience with our services, you must stick with our privacy policy and terms of use. This also helps you avoid having any violations while enjoying our mobile game or our website services.

Our goal is to create a good mobile online playing atmosphere for everyone and prevent illegal activities in the best way possible. Therefore, adhering to our terms of use is a significant thing to do.

Terms of use for pubg mobile

We, PUBG mobile, proudly provide you our online services to use. Whenever you pay a visit to our website or you experience PUBG mobile, it means you have agreed with the following conditions, which is why you are urged to read the terms of conditions of our website carefully.

Please have a look at our terms of service carefully before you decide to join PUBG mobile or using our online services.

Privacy Policy

Together with Terms of Use, we recommend you to go over our Privacy Policy carefully before you use our website services or join in PUBG mobile because it is related to our user data collection.

New event or latest update:

New events or the latest updates of PUBG mobile will both notice on, players can read and find out about new updates through their two reliable sources.

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The newest update will be an automatic update every time you join pubg mobile.


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Data protection

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You are recommended to read our privacy policy carefully before using any services on our website or join in PUBG mobile.