PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile has still remained as a top-ranked battle royale mobile game. Aside from playing PUBG on PC and Console, players can now get access to PUBG on mobile by downloading it to their mobile devices for free. PUBG Mobile has gained millions of downloads on the Play Store, making it the most famous battle royale game to master!

Although PUBG Mobile game is famous, not all players can master it easily, especially if you are completely new to its gameplay. It is very important for newbies to have a good grasp of what to do for their survival when in a match. Whether you are a player that likes to pick up the best weapons and use them to kill all enemies, or you are just the one who likes to approach enemies in a stealth way, you are always recommended to learn some gameplay basics, equipped yourself with PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for a chance of becoming the last man standing on the battlegrounds.

This PUBG Mobile guide covers everything you need to know to get wins! Make sure you take a look at it deeply from A to Z!

Tips And Tricks For Beginners To Survive And Get Wins In PUBG Mobile

What to do to get wins and survive in PUBG Mobile

Pick a landing location carefully and make sure you avoid crowded landing areas

It’s true to say that a hot drop is not a place for noobs! If you are new to PUBG Mobile, you’d better try to land safely because once you are on the ground, the battle will officially begin. The faster players will have a higher chance to win.

Pick a landing location carefully and make sure you avoid crowded landing areas

While you are on the cargo plane, you should take a look at the map to find a good location for your landing. There are several places you need to avoid, like water areas and hot drops! Hot drops are the places with various buildings. These buildings grant you good loot, and you will have a high chance to find the best weapons there. But, if you are a newbie, don’t land into these buildings because you will get shot by other pros easily. This PUBG Mobile tip is suitable for players who want to survive longer in a match.

After jumping out of the cargo plane, you should pay attention to swarms of other players who are heading to a single area and of course, dodge those areas if you want to survive! Make sure you spot a safe area then choose it as a landing location. Once you are on the ground, get into the buildings as fast as possible then grab some loot for yourself. The faster you gear yourself up, the higher the chance you can shoot at enemies.

Another tip for your landing area is that you should not choose areas near water! In case you are falling into the water, it will take you a quite long period of time to get out of it and enter the match because you need to spend time finding loot!

Loot and gear up yourself first then shoot at enemies later

With PUBG Mobile solo play, you will not have any second chances to respawn if you are defeated. But in squad play, you will have a chance to be revived by your teammates. Therefore, it is important to finish enemies before they can kill you. To do this, you must equip yourself with good loot. After entering a building, loot as fast as you can! There is a good amount of crucial loot dispersed around in buildings and even supply crate drops. But, you are recommended to find loot in buildings rather than supply crate drops because when you approach these drops, it’s likely for you to get shot by a certain enemy from afar, but these drops grant you the most sought-after weapons like the crazily strong AWM sniper rifle. You have to be careful when you want to take loot from supply crate drops.

Pick a landing location carefully and make sure you avoid crowded landing areas
If you play with a squad in PUBG Mobile, you should share the spoils in a supply drop 

Since items in PUBG Mobile game are diverse, your loot becomes diverse too. In the early stages of a match, you usually find half-decent weapons, ammo, and some suitable armor, and of course a backpack upgrade (up to level 3). With a backpack, you will have more room for your gear as you loot in buildings. You should use guns rather than just fists or PUBG frying pan!

Don’t forget to pick up armor as it is also a crucial item that can help you take less damage when in a firefight. Similar to backpack, head, and body armor have different levels, from level 1 to 3. Level-3 armor is kind of rare and hard to find in buildings. You should find level-2 armor!

Another PUBG Mobile item you must pick up in buildings is healing items and energy boosts. If you are lucky, you can find first aid kits that help recover your health up to 75 for one-time use. Other healing items that are good to pick up are bandages, painkillers, and energy drinks. Also, don’t forget to collect thrown items like grenades because you may need them if you want to eliminate a group of enemies hiding in a small area.

If you don’t spot an enemy clearly in a PUBG Mobile match, don’t pull the trigger
If you don’t spot an enemy clearly in a PUBG Mobile match, don’t pull the trigger

Shoot enemies only when you are in range and ready for the kills

In PUBG Mobile free download, lots of newbies made this mistake a lot and it caused them to be killed. You have to calculate your moves and time your action before dealing any shots because if you are not faster than the rivals, they will shoot you easily. You should decide when to hide and when to launch an attack. Especially, you should never launch a shot fire when you are not in range or not ready for it. If you do this, your enemies will take on you and kill you.

It takes some practice for newbies to know when they are in range. For those who already experienced PvP shooters, they will have a good understanding of the basics. For up-close burst damage, PUBG Mobile shotguns and SMGs are effective, like S12K. For mid-range combat, assault rifles and pistols are useful, while sniper rifles are great for long-range combat.

If there is a distant enemy and you want to shoot them with Tommy Gun, your position will be exposed to them once you launch the shots, which is a dangerous mistake.

About PUBG Mobile attachments, you will have a lot of attachment options for your arsenals. With attachments, the range of some weapons can be extended. If you equip scopes to assault rifles, it can sometimes be better than sniper rifles. However, only some guns are effective in specific situations. For instance, shotguns are a nice tool to defeat enemies in a building, but when you are in the open fields, you may want to change to another type of gun rather than using a shotgun. You are recommended to hold complementary weapons on hand and try not to bring two weapons that satisfy the same purpose.

Watch your surroundings and observe the map during the course of the battle

Staying watchful for your surroundings and keeping an eye on the map is one of the best PUBG Mobile tips and tricks. It is important to understand the layout of some areas of the PUBG map. After you have been familiar with the landscape, you must watch the mini map and stay watchful for the diminishing play area. Before the playzone shrinks in size, there is a warning message on the screen. Make sure you pay attention to it as well and quickly fall back to the safe zone to avoid taking damage from the Blue zone.

“The Circle” in PUBG Mobile game is the only safe area for you to stay in. But, it will start shrinking in size at select times throughout the match. Do not stay outside of the circle for too long, or you will meet your end. As mentioned, you will take damage from the blue zone as the circle starts shrinking. In the early game, you will be fine for a few minutes if you are in the blue zone, but in the late stage of the game, you will meet your end in less than ten seconds.

Quickly move and get out of the blue zone as the circle starts shrinking in PUBG Mobile
Quickly move and get out of the blue zone as the circle starts shrinking in PUBG Mobile

Every new circle will be displayed as a white outline on the map. You have to keep an eye on the map to know where to go next. You don’t have to quickly move in the early stages, but when you reach toward the late phase, you have to move to avoid taking damage. At the same time, pay attention to your surroundings because some other players may hide somewhere waiting for a chance to shoot you. Try to run to the safe zone fast but at the same time, watch areas around you and remain in cover when you feel a need.

PUBG Mobile mini map also shows a fire indicator! When you hear gunfire in your surrounding area, take a look at the map quickly to know where it comes from. Then, you have to run away from that area if you don’t want to enter the gunfight or remain in cover to avoid the shots.

While in a PUBG Mobile vehicle, you can lean out of the vehicle from the passenger seat for shots from other vehicles
While in a PUBG Mobile vehicle, you can lean out of the vehicle from the passenger seat for shots from other vehicles

Use PUBG Mobile vehicles to better your movement speed

A vehicle is always better than your feet! If you want to get to another location fast, you should find a vehicle and use it to move fast. PUBG Mobile vehicles are diverse and scattered in many areas of the map. However, it’s a high chance for you to find them near the bigger cities and on the main roads. Since other players are trying to find vehicles to move, you need to be careful and watch your surroundings when you approach a vehicle.

If you want to reach the next play area fast, you can choose a motorcycle or a buggy, but these vehicles will expose your position to other players. For bigger vehicles, like the jeep, the movement speed of them may be slower but they are good vehicles to carry around 4 players with good protection.

The touchscreen controls of PUBG Mobile can be somewhat annoyed sometimes. Just imagine how hard it is to deal a deadly blow to an enemy when they are driving directly at you. However, the disadvantage is you will pay attention to it thanks to the loud engines.

Cover yourself in the grass to avoid getting spotted by enemies in PUBG Mobile
Cover yourself in the grass to avoid getting spotted by enemies in PUBG Mobile

Hide and secretly look for a chance of launching shots

In PUBG games, a group of players usually lies around on the floor waiting for someone to pop up their head so they can take this chance to shoot. It’s true to say that hide and peek are the good PUBG Mobile tactics for you to follow if you want to ambush someone. For the one that pops their head up first, they usually get defeated, so make sure you will not do that.

A crucial maneuver for you to do in a PUBG Mobile match is to go prone! You should lie down and cover yourself in the grass or use any rocks nearby as a cover. By doing so, you can hide from enemies as well as have a chance to peek. But, make sure you observe areas around you at the same time.

While you are on your chest and somebody gets close to you, it is a high chance for you to be shot, especially when you look through a scope at the same time. Watch your mini map because if someone approaches or is around you, you will see their footsteps. In case you see someone lying down, take this chance to shoot them!

When you are in an open-wide area, you also need to find some rocks or sides of the buildings and use them as a cover. This will help you avoid shots from enemies. You can secretly look around the side of cover without revealing your limbs. To do this, you must go to Settings > Basic menu.

Activate peek to have an edge over less studious players in PUBG Mobile
Activate peek to have an edge over less studious players in PUBG Mobile

You can enable Peek & Fire and by doing so, you can easily peer around corners. You need to know that you are far from immune when you do this because your head will lean with you at the same time, but you will become a smaller target to enemies.

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Another tip for PUBG Mobile control is that you can remap the buttons if you want. PUBG Mobile features three presets for general and vehicle controls. You can hit the Customize button to adjust the controls if you want. Adjust aspects of the HUD following your own way, grow the sizes of the button, change the icon transparency, and feel free to reset all the things to default if you mess up.

Talk and discuss the match with your squadmates in PUBG Mobile
Talk and discuss the match with your squadmates in PUBG Mobile

Talk to your squadmates during the course of the match in PUBG Mobile

If you join a solo match in PUBG Mobile, you may find it lonely a bit when you just sit somewhere alone and wait for a chance to attack other players. But, when you choose to play a squad match, that strategy must be changed. In a squad play, you are with other squadmates! It is important for you to be with your teammates and communicate with them as well as discuss strategies and tactics to win. In PUBG Mobile game, it is safer to go with teammates to attack others than splitting up

You and your teammates should have specific strategies to master the match. You can talk and choose a place to land together or decide who will take the loot, select a target, or even decide who will drive a vehicle. Sometimes, you also need to keep a little distance from your teammates to outplay enemies and get advantages over them.

Voice chat is a nice feature in PUBG Mobile! You can use your device’s speakers and microphone to the community with your teammates. You need to enable the latter in Settings > Audio. Don’t forget to select your language to make sure you understand and communicate with your squad successfully.

If you don’t have many buddies, you can use voice and chap apps, like Discord for instance. If you need to stay quiet, you should use the built-in quick chat feature in the game. These messages are diverse and common to use, like “I’ll cover you” or “Enemies ahead”.

Have a good grasp of PUBG Mobile maps

Have a good grasp of PUBG Mobile maps

Players are recommended to learn where weapon and item spawn in every map of PUBG Mobile so they can have high chances of winning. PUBG Mobile maps are diverse, from Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, to Vikendi. About the Vikendi map, you can find some snowmobiles in some areas on the map.

When you master the maps, you should also learn the best spots to hide! You can learn it faster by restricting the maps in the pool by unselecting them before entering a match. If you do this, you will have a chance to be an expert!

Get extra rewards through PUBG Mobile Royale Pass

It’s great to receive extra rewards through Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile, however, you will not get any help from the Royale Pass to win. Unlike the former PUBG Mobile tips, the Royale Pass is just like a tool that allows you to get access to extra rewards that will better the look of your character. Royale Pass has been added to the game through PUBG Mobile update 0.6.0. This pass is like the one in Fortnite game, featuring a wide array of rewards to unlock when you increase your ranks.

Similar to the Battle Pass of Fortnite, the standard edition of the Royale Pass is free, while you have to spend your UC on the Elite Royale Pass. Also, the game features a more expensive version called Elite Pass Plus that will immediately offer you 25 ranks and a few other nice goodies.

As mentioned above, the rewards from PUBG Mobile Royale Pass give you some style points with brand new outfits and other nice cosmetic items. You can gain experience as well as BP cards for these rewards, and spend your UC or BP for new cosmetics in the store.

Feel free to play PUBG Mobile on an emulator

An official PUBG Mobile PC emulator was already launched in 2018, and it’s called Tencent Gaming Buddy. With this emulator, you will receive the same experience as the mobile version, except that you play PUBG game with a mouse and keyboard.

Feel free to play PUBG Mobile on an emulator

Although you can totally play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game on your PC, the emulator still brings you some advantages that you want to try:

  • Tencent Gaming Buddy is free to use! PUBG is still a paid game, but with the emulator, you always get access to it for free.
  • Because Tencent Gaming Buddy offers the same game, the cross-platform play is activated by default. It’s easy for you to play the game with your friends who are using mobile devices. But you need to know that the team will be matched against other players who are using the emulator. The mobile players will not have advantages over the emulator players.
  • Easy accessibility is the last thing that Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator offers. This emulator for PUBG Mobile operates on less powerful machines than the badly-optimized game of Bluehole. You are recommended to try it once if you want to experience a new perspective on this battle royale survival game.

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