The latest PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0 has offered players a completely new Miramar 2.0 and Vending Machine. So, what is the Vending Machine? In order to learn much more about these items in the game, please follow the details below!

Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile
Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile

What is Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Vending Machine is one of the most notable features of PUBG Mobile 0.18.0. It provides survivors some objects that can regain your HP. Remember to explore how to download and install PUBG Mobile first!

Along with some basic information mentioned above, we can know that the Vending Machine is simply vending machines. With its support, you can choose and purchase something used to restore your blood such as energy drinks.

However, you should note that Vending Machine added to PUBG Mobile Patch Notes 0.18.0 will be able to work for a short time. It means that it is only activated on a specific number of times. If one runs out of energy drinks, you can search for another. Don’t worry! They are scattered across Miramar 2.0 map.

These machines are just obtainable in MAD MIRAMAR. They are located at different places on the playfield. Because their location is not random, getting energy drinks in the same spot is not a possible solution meanwhile it was introduced that players could collect 8 at once.


If you are lucky when gathering 8 energy drinks on a vending machine at a time, Jackpot will be unlocked. You will be informed of the screen when it depletes.

Exact positions in PUBG Mobile to approach vending machines

Exact positions in PUBG Mobile to approach vending machines
Exact positions in PUBG Mobile to approach vending machines

Here is the collection of stations of Vending Machines in PUBG Mobile that you can arrive at to buy what you’d like. Quickly to obtain potions and grow stronger or you cannot deploy tips & tricks to win Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile! Can you overtake the rest in such an amusing race?

  • El Pozo
  • Chumacera
  • Pecado Arena
  • El Ajahar
  • Buildings near Pecado
  • San Martin restaurant
  • Los Leones City

Hopefully, you can master PUBG Mobile Vending Machine, the tool that you have dug deeper into, its importance, and the list of scenes where you can look for them. If you wonder anything, for example, guides before using GFX Tool in PUBG Mobile, you can connect to the post from now on. Don’t skip breaking news or tutorials on our site!


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