All You Need To Know About Mk12 – The Exclusive Gun Of Livik Map In Pubg Mobile

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Information about MK12 in new map was updated. Some notable feature is the MK12 accessory, where to find it, and how to combine it with other weapons

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Information about MK12, which is only available on the recently released map in PUBG Mobile – Livik, has been compiled in the most detail below. It is also the most powerful weapon in the collection of weapons in the Battle Royale games.

MK12 Statistics

  • Here are the specifications of the MK12 Marked Rifle in PUBG Mobile:
  • Damage: 46-48
  • Range: 150 meters
  • Ammo magazine: 20 bullets (expandable to 30)
  • Shooting mode: Semi-automatic
  • Recoil rate: Low
The Excellent Specifications of The Gun MK-12
The Excellent Specifications of The Gun MK-12

MK12 stats match Livik’s map of Northern Europe. Small plan with most of the field of view in plain, where the MK12’s range was not difficult to reach. High base damage combined with a low recoil rate creates a lethal weapon that can quickly and effectively take down enemies. Do not know where to find this gun? This is the PUBG MK12 map location.

MK12 PUBG location – Exclusive Livik Map

Fans of the game should know that the MK12 and P90 are the two latest products to emerge in the PUBG Mobile realm. MK12 is also one of two exclusive PUBG Mobile Weapons on this snow land map. That means you can only find this gun in Livik’s Beta version.

Before MK12 and P90, the PUBG game also had some exclusive weapons on individual maps. For example, we have QBU and QBZ on the Sanhok map. They are the equivalent of Mini-14 and SCAR-L on the tropical island. Then comes the G36C – another exclusive gun on the Vikendi.

MK-12 Spawns All Over The Map
MK-12 Spawns All Over The Map

This gun shows up all over the map so that you can find it all compounds and buildings in Livik. However, some places offer the chance of actually getting higher.

  • Power Plant: This large drop position offers plenty of loot. This is also the location for the best MK12 gun in PUBG mobile. You can find it on containers with several bullets lying around.
  • Blomster: Players are guaranteed to find more than two Mk12 DMRs in this combo. One is in a warehouse, and the other spawns in several tall buildings.
  • Milstein: Worthy of a check.
  • Shipyard: There are about 2 to 3 Mk12s in this area. Plus, this isn’t an overheating drop point on the map, so starting safe here is feasible.
  • Crabgrass, Gronhus, Gass, Holdhus, Wengen and Ice Borg also own at least one Mk12 gun.

Mk12 accessories

The Types of Attachments of The MK-12 Are Quite Diverse
The Types of Attachments of The MK-12 Are Quite Diverse

You can attach a magazine, a viewfinder, a gun barrel, a stock gun, and a warning glass to the MK12. But, what is the must-have for this gun to reach its full potential?

  • 4X or 6X scopes: We highly recommend these ranges for guns. Considering Livik’s scale, the 8x range seems a bit overkill.
  • Cover sparks or silencers: You may find yourself regularly firing MK12 on the ground. So get these snouts to conceal your place.
  • Quickdraw mag Expansion: This is a must for every gun in the game, and the Mk12 is no exception. The increased capacity and reload speed will give you an edge in battles.
  • Light grip or angled grip: These are the best grips to help you open the bronchoscope faster.

How to use MK12 Gun with other weapons

Mk12 is a DMR. It’s best for mid-range flights, so you need something to cover your close range. And considering that the MK12 PUBG location is live on is on Livik, we’ve picked out some of the best weapons to pair with this gun:

  • M416: Both M416 and Mk12 use 5.56mm ammo. Pairing these two power sources together will save you a lot of backpack space for other supplies. On top of that, the M416 is super reliable and can spray effectively in short and mid-range battles.
  • Discover everything about MK12 – The exclusive gun on the Livik map in PUBG Mobile
  • UZI or P90: For mini-maps like Livik, SMG is a great choice to choose from. UZI is the best short-range weapon with a terrible rate of fire. On the other hand, the P90 is also ideal for close-range combat while the Mk12 finishes off targets at a distance.
  • DP-28: Another good pair for the MK12 is the DP-28. It has extraordinary lethal potential that you can exploit to win.
  • AKM or Beryl M762: If you know how to use these 7.62 ARs, they won’t disappoint.

Discover everything about MK12 – The exclusive gun on the Livik map in PUBG Mobile

  • Notable mention: If you’re looking for some fun or highlights, pair the MK12 with other snipers or DMRs like the AWM or Kark98. Rare air-drop guns like Mk14, Groza, AUG A3, or M249 are also suitable for the game!

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