PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gaming Skills

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PUBG Mobile gamers should improve their skills by applying some tricks to win the game. Check out the techniques below and collect your own great tips!

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PUBG Mobile provides some great tactics for players to improve skills and become more professional in most matches. While these are just a few tips that many probably already know, these skills will be able to help players in certain situations. This includes not only ways in which they can frag out, but also what they do that lets them frag out. So the instructions in this PUBG Mobile Battle Royale game are never redundant. The following article will help you apply these techniques professionally and effectively.

Improve your skills by going silent in PUBG Mobile game

Have you ever wondered why the same skill but others are doing so well but you are not? Why isn’t it working well when you apply it? In fact, there are many aspects that you need to consider in the game. It’s not just about aiming at other people and shooting.

One of the skills that can help you in the process of joining the match is to go silent. This is also a good tip that many people use in PUBG Mobile game. Especially in clutch situations, quiet walking can be effective. If you are thinking that your opponent already knows where you are, use this trick. Especially, when you’re in a clutch situation, say it’s 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2, the opponent’s information is important. The longer time passes between your last known position to the opposing team, the harder it is to predict where you are.

Use silent walking skill to avoid detection by the enemy.
Use silent walking skill to avoid detection by the enemy.

If you are in a 1v1 position and the enemy has detected you in an area, leave for 3 seconds of going silent. At this point, the enemy will think about where you went within these 3 seconds. Of course the answer will be another area not far away. So, instead of being silent for 3 seconds, let’s go silent for 15 seconds. This will give you enough time to widen your gap. Then, instead of 15, keep raising it to 30 seconds. The longer you stay silent, it will make the enemy more suspicious of the information they have. This is also why the skill of giong silent comes into play so strongly in these situations.

Elevate PUBG Mobile skills by flash out

The second technique that players often use to improve their skills in PUBG Mobile is to wait for the flashes before they appear. But this is not always easy for you to apply. People often wonder why some gamers seem to be able to dodge flashes more easily than you do. The reason given may surprise you that it is not primarily due to their reaction time. Meanwhile, many low-rank players often blame this incident that they didn’t have enough reaction time to dodge the flashes.

There are many important factors for gamers to be able to use the flash out skill in PUBG Mobile.
There are many important factors for gamers to be able to use the flash out skill in PUBG Mobile.

According to the experience of many players, if you rely solely on reaction time, you will hardly be able to avoid flashes. The reason that pros are often good at avoiding a flash is that they will expect the flash and prepare themselves before it arrives.

Because of the preparation in advance, they will easily react when that happens. So you should also be prepared for the coming flashes. The best way is to be ready to look away. Or you can also put a wall between you and where the flash will land and look out for the flash noise.

Something you may want to avoid is playing at a complete angle and against the flash. The best way is, in case you do end up getting flashed, you should get a location you can fall back to. Using this technique will help you to be aware of where your enemies might throw the flash, and will help you prepare in advance for what will happen. That way, when they come, you won’t lose your vision completely.

Sitting and spraying while shooting the gun

Next, the third technique in PUBG Mobile tips that will probably be a little strange, is to bend over and spray to adjust the recoil of the gun. Perhaps for now, many players will think that crouch spraying is not a good thing. In fact this is true in some situations. Especially for players of lower ranks, bending down when shooting will cause them to miss or even kill themselves.

Bending down while shooting will be a risky thing for low-ranked players.
Bending down while shooting will be a risky thing for low-ranked players.

The first bullets in the spray tend to go more or less to the same place as always. If you notice, the first 3 bullets in the spray of PUBG Mobile can be controlled quite easily by dragging the mouse down a little while you shoot. After those first 3 bullets, you’ll see that the shots tend to jump a little more. What you can really do against this, is that if you bend down after those first 3 bullets and do the same amount of pull down as you did in the first three bullets, you can land all 6 first bullets, which are pretty much the same place.

Finally, you will find this guide especially effective when trying to spray motion on multiple targets in PUBG Mobile. This will be the most optimal use of this trick. However, since it requires you to crouch, you will have to make the right decision if you intend to do a single spray.

Angled Gunfights – another technique in PUBG Mobile shooting

Next we go to guide of the 4th technique that professional players often use in PUBG Mobile game. That is the use of deflection angles to gain an edge in gunfights. Perhaps many people have heard about off angles. But it is still quite rare for players to make effective use of them. Usually, the reason why off angles are so good is that enemies will rarely expect you to use them. These are very dangerous positions to play. One of the great advantages of deflection is that it won’t be aimed first. Meanwhile, the disadvantage for the player is it doesn’t have any shields so it can be very dangerous to play.

However, PUBG Mobile gamers can still improve the off angles skills when playing. The most remarkable thing when using is what dangers you are playing there and what is the likelihood of you getting punished. Also, if you’re in 1 vs 1, off angles can sometimes be a really effective tactic. In particular, they are stronger when the enemy does not have a flash or intel. A really good way to kill off someone playing an off angle, is to hit them with the flash. If you know that the enemy team has no flashes alive, you will have a lot less to worry about.

Guide to use Optimal Range of Engagement skills in PUBG Mobile game

Basically, you can understand that every weapon has the most effective range. In PUBG Mobile too, this is even more obvious with Shotguns. Usually, many players ignore this and challenge really dangerous corners. The optimal range of interaction for a pistol is 0-15 meters, but a gun like the M416 has an optimal range of interactions of 15-45 meters. Because M416 has more destructive power than pistols pumped within 15 meters. Besides, the M416 will be most optimal when used from a slightly longer distance.

Every weapon has an optimal range of engagement.
Every weapon has an optimal range of engagement.

However, you should note that everything that happens in the game is relative. For example, if the opposite team has AWM, even with M416 – your Optimal Range of Engagement, will now be 0-15 meters closer. Now the closer you get to the Operator, the easier it will be for them to punish. Hence, you can see how dynamically this technique can evolve. Consider what weapons you and your enemies have, then try to pick your engagements around that. This doesn’t mean the M416 is poor in the 15-meter range. However, this is a distance where almost every other gun excels.

This is a technique that looks quite simple at the core. However, many players still want to challenge themselves with longer angles. Instead, find ways to take your game to the next level. This can be done by constantly thinking about what kind of gun you have and where you want to join in PUBG Mobile Battle Royale battlefield.

Jump Peekaboo technique

This is a technique that probably many players know, but not many people do yet. For more advanced players, however, jump peekaboo is a very popular trick. They recognize the value of the information, and they know jump peeking is a pretty safe way to gather it. It would be extremely interesting to look out from cover and try to shoot the enemy there. Besides, in some cases, you should get the information and get out.

By jumping quickly and then coming back to play with your team, you can safely gather information without risking your life. One trick you can do is run forwards and when you press the jump key, quickly drag the mouse backwards while holding down the “A” and “S” keys. This helps you stay away safely and get the necessary information for your team. Besides, you can also get some very safe looks, and the risk of death here is very little.

Another PUBG Mobile guide of Helping Hand tactic in the game

Our 7th technique is one of those PUBG Mobile skills that a lot of players want to improve with. It’s using the loot you’ve earned to help your teammates, instead of yourself. Accordingly, this technique is more popular with support players than 1 vs 1 matches. This requires you to think about the benefits your loot can bring to your teammates. PUBG Mobile is a team game so each player should not be selfish. If you’re just using your loot to help yourself, you’re not only likely to lose more games, but you might also disappoint your teammates a bit.

One of the best ways to help your teammates is using smokes. If you see your teammate being pushed into a position, smoking off from a potential position they might be overlooked can be of great help. If you have no smokes, throwing a flash as a teammate entering an area can also be a big help.

Any spoils can be beneficial for yourself and teammates. So, try to make use of them. A really good player is when they think about how their spoils can help their team. This is also a huge difference between a good player and a great player.

Elevate your PUBG Mobile skill by Team Peeking

The last technique we’d like to show you is double peeking angles, with your teammates. Sometimes this tactic is less popular because it is difficult to coordinate. If you were surrounded by two people at the same time, it would be almost impossible to win that gunfight. Therefore, you can only aim at one person at a given time. If you know how to coordinate a double peek, you will have many advantages over the opponent.

Using Team Peeking skills bring a lot of advantages for players to improve their PUBG Mobile gameplay.
Using Team Peeking skills bring a lot of advantages for players to improve their PUBG Mobile gameplay.

You can do this with a countdown or a callout which you’re peeking. Besides, it can be done just by confirming when your teammates get in touch and swing with them. To do this, it’s best to have prior notice of what you plan to do. If your team does it properly, a double peek can make the opponent almost impossible to win a fight. Conversely, if an opening occurs, you can let the enemy isolate their encounter and choose both of you. So it’s very important to note that you and your teammates are on the same front lines.

Besides, double peeking can sometimes be an extremely powerful technique, especially in 2 vs 1 situations. Because right now you are forcing an enemy to challenge you two at the same time. This technique is even more effective when the enemy is making a lot of noise. Because you know exactly where they are.To become a good player is not difficult but to become a smart gamer in PUBG Mobile, you will need a lot of factors. With the tips and tricks we shared above, you must not only apply them correctly, but also know when to use them properly and combine them. Hope you have a clear understanding of what we have brought to you. To see more PUBG news about all the updates and other information, please follow our next articles. Thank you for your attention.

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