PUBG 1.2 Woman in Gold: how to obtain this PUBG Mobile new outfit

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PUBG 1.2 Woman in Gold is a new unique set in the PUBG Mobile 1.2 update version. Many people are expecting to own this item. Let's find out how to get it!

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PUBG 1.2 Woman in Gold is a very rare and difficult outfit to own in PUBG Mobile. As one of the most influential mobile games in the world, this Battle Royale game must have been driving gamers crazy for a long time. To be able to give players new and unique experiences, the developer has brought many changes and new features to the game. One of them is the Woman in Gold set in PUBG Mobile 1.2 Update version. The following article will give you the latest information about this outfit.

Instructions on how to get the Woman in Gold set in PUBG Mobile game

PUBG Mobile also known as Player Unknown Battlegrounds is one of the most popular battle royale genres on the market today. Even, the game has a large number of players around the world. The game has a lot of cosmetic items that players can choose from and get. Accordingly, this includes skins for weapons and game characters. Sometimes the developer offers certain packages according to events and similar. Likewise, bundles is a complete outfit for the character. Specifically in this article, we learn about the Woman in Gold set in PUBG Mobile 1.2.

The battle royale game offers a wide variety of cosmetic items, weapon skins, crates and bundles that players can buy. After a few days, they will renew bundles and crates. A new set called Woman in Gold was recently added to the Dazzling Sun barrel portion of PUBG Mobile 1.2. This is arguably the most exclusive outfit in this version. To obtain these items, players need to complete some event-specific missions or spend real money. For cash purchases, players will have to redeem them for UCs. UC is an in-game currency that can be earned through spending real money.

Woman in Gold set - one of the unique items of PUBG Mobile
Woman in Gold set – one of the unique items of PUBG Mobile

Specific PUBG guides for obtaining this unique outfit

The Woman in Gold set is now available in the ‘Shop’ section when players log into PUBG Mobile. Players must spend UC to own this set. With the following simple steps, players can get the Woman in Gold set in the game:

Firstly, players need to open the PUBG Mobile app on their mobile device, and then navigate to the Shop section of the game.

Secondly, click the Crates tab. Shortly thereafter, a list of featured crates will appear.

Tap on the Dazzling Sun Crate to choose the selection
Tap on the Dazzling Sun Crate to choose the selection

Thirdly, click on the Dazzling Sun Crate tab located on the right side of the screen. Two options available for the lottery will be at the bottom of the screen. The cost per spin and open a crate is 60 UC, while it is 540 UC for opening 10 times.

Confirm the purchase and spin to get the bundle
Confirm the purchase and spin to get the bundle

Fourthly, players have to choose the selection they will buy to spin the wheel and open the crate.

Lastly, spin until you get the bundle. Note that this bundle is not a guaranteed prize and may take several times to get. If the set does not draw the first time, the player can repeat the process in the same manner until the set is obtained.

Please note that this is a time-limited crate. By February 27, players will no longer own this set.

That is the most basic guide for players to quickly own a Woman in Gold set in this PUBG Mobile 1.2 return. A lot of players are very eager to purchase this item. Besides, many people are also looking forward to new things in the next version PUBG Mobile 1.3. Don’t forget to follow the channel to keep up with the latest news!

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