Survivor Pass Season 3: Wild Card Acclaimed Schedule, Rewards And Gameplay

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Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card is accessible for now in PUBG. Let’s grab a chance to explore it now for more awesome missions, new cosmetic items, and extra rewards!

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Survivor Pass season 3: Wild Card has been wide open for the global fans. It’s the only chance for players to collect free items. So, why not wait? PUBG’s dev team has made incredible missions for you!

Survivor Pass Season 3: Wild Card
Survivor Pass Season 3: Wild Card

As in all Pass before, the third season of Survivor Pass PUBG will challenge players by missions. In return, you will get rewards for free. There are destructible weapons and gifts that you would love.

The team of PUBG game has implied the appearance of new cosmetic items in the Survivor Pass season 3. And to get your hands on these items, you will go through missions that are exciting and intense enough to boost your mood.

The team promotes missions in the style of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with Survivor Pass 3. The beginning is classic – choose the spot and drop. Your assignments will be mini PUBG games but added staggering rewards.

Details about Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card in PUBG

The new game – Wild Card, occupies some features of the last Survivor Passes. Every player can access rewards for free. However, more prizes, including interesting cosmetic pieces mentioned above, are included only within Premium Survivor Pass. To enter that luxury area, you must get a ticket for $9.99.

Premium Survivor Pas unlock Floral Bomber Jacket immediately. Simultaneously, a gate to a premium mission and more free rewards waits for you.

The season will last ten weeks, and the more mission to complete, the more rewards and, more importantly, coupons to gain.

Free rewards automatically go-to players when they level up. Coupon collection consists of Blue, Yellow, and White will add up during the up-leveling. We recommend collecting as many of them as possible since you can exchange for crate keys in the Coupon Shop or ticket to upgrade levels.

PUBG dev team has formerly signaled us about the PUBG Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card missions. This time, you will need to train your skills with weapons.

Fast completion can gain new skins. And all missions completed will open to stylish looks of special Tommy Gun, Beryl M762, S686, UMP45, or M16A4 skills.

The season will close at 7 PM PDT on June 4th. Visist Survivor Pass Microsite to get further notice or in-depth information. Don’t miss out on this chance since what you equip now can change your game in the future.

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