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PUBG Mobile updated with Version .0.12

PUBG Mobile is a great official PUBG game running on Android and iOS platforms. It is updated regularly to offer a better gaming experience to every participant.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.0

Tencent has deployed the cool PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 for all players throughout the world. If you want to learn much more about that release, you are able to check the full list below.

Version 0.12.0 was officially launched with Beta, coming with a series of additions, improvements, and more. Besides, developers of PUBG Download also revealed that packs Prime and Prime Plus will be available at 79 Rs in India.

Are you ready to download and install PUBG Mobile 0.12? Hope you enjoyed!

New features in PUBG Mobile 0.12.0

There are a lot of items not existing before in PUBG Android.


  • It is known as the old Event Mode. Now, it has another name, EvoZone. There are several distinctive modes such as Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, along with other ones which will appear soon.

Zombie Darkest Night

  • It is dissimilar to the previous mode Survive Till Dawn in PUBG iOS. It is quite special because gamers are only allowed to find food and weapons before the night arrives due to the air will be poisoned. It is the period that the undead will come constantly.
Rush Into The Mode You Love And Embark On PUBG Mobile
Rush Into The Mode You Love And Embark On PUBG Mobile
  • Zombie Darkest Night will change a bit of the classic survival game genre when you or anybody will not too pay attention to defeating each other but master how to collect good equipment and fend off hordes of scary creatures.

Upgraded and changed Survive Till Dawn Mode

  • Survive Till Dawn is a familiar room in PUBG Mobile. The other zombie modes will be given two weapons including liquid nitrogen grenades, RPG-7, and Jungle Style Magazines.
  • Have monsters capable of climbing onto the roof and over low walls, some of them can jump and zombie dogs are dangerous
Select The Most Appropriate Firearms To Eliminate Opponents in PUBG Mobile
Select The Most Appropriate Firearms To Eliminate Opponents in PUBG Mobile
  • If they are attacked, they will walk slowly.
  • Added Quick Chat Message to the default and classic voice of PUBG Mobile
  • It is feasible to fulfill daily quests in Survive Till Dawn match

It is simple to adjust the red dot in PUBG Mobile!

  • There are a few changes in PUBG Download. They are related to shapes and colors which can be applied to the red dot, holo sight, 2x and 3x scopes. To make everybody feel more in controlling their avatar, the development team decided to tweak some of their actions.
  • When the icon loads again a weapon, the magazine will fall to the floor.
  • Whilst opening a door, it will push that item with the arm.
The Red Dot in PUBG Mobile
The Red Dot in PUBG Mobile

Follow the battle of friends and someone in your team

  • Click the part on the right side of the name in the list and you can start to watch
Pick Out The Adventure Set in PUBG Mobile
Pick Out The Adventure Set in PUBG Mobile

Unlocked more achievements

They will make your journey in PUBG Mobile more comfortable. They comprise:

  • Best Companion
  • Superstar
  • Winning Culture
  • Adventurer
  • Until Dawn
  • A Step Too Far

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