PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary: What New Features That Players Need To Discover?

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PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary update is released, with a lot of brilliant features. If you are in love with these addicted tunes, try these new updates now!

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PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary is happening, and you need to know these brand new features to not be left behind! PUBG Mobile is one of the greatest battle royale with thrilling fights, cool outfits and weapons. This anniversary community event promise to bring you a great playing experience! So let’s check it out this PUBG Mobile update right away!

This PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary update with cool weapon and vehicle!
This PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary update with cool weapon and vehicle!

Huge and glorious anniversary celebration in PUBG Mobile 1.3 update!

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary release date is scheduled. This week points to the start of the third year since PUBG Mobile originally dispatched for Android and iOS gadgets worldwide in 2018. Like a year ago with the second-commemoration festivity of the battle royale game, there is a PUBG Mobile third Anniversary this year.

This time around, Tencent is going all out to guarantee that there are numerous new substances and astonishments for players to look at. As a feature of this, we are beginning a pristine season and royale pass with Season 18. Known as Hundred Rhythms, this new season will have a large number and new game modes.

Luckily, the worker won’t be taken disconnected during the update. Players will ceaselessly play all through this time. However, what you can be sure of is that players on various refreshed adaptations of the battle royale game won’t play with companions on another rendition. So make certain to refresh as quick as could really be expected.

The update will require 640MB of extra room for those on the Android stage. While iOS clients will require much more space at 1.55GB to get the entirety of the new substance. Assuming you update your game between March 9 and March 19 and, sign in, you will get some uncommon prizes.

Players will get 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and the Cute Kitten Pan 3D skin. This is notwithstanding the entirety of the new substance beginning this week for the PUBG Mobile third Anniversary, similar to the new game modes, things, and then some. How about we investigate what’s going on this year.

New Hundred Rhythms Mode with hundred catchy tunes!

In the festival of the PUBG Mobile’s third Anniversary, another game mode known as Hundred Rhythms is here. This new restricted time mode is in the festival of the three years that PUBG Mobile has been near. And shares a similar name as the season 18 subject itself.

This new mode is just accessible on the Erangel battle royale map and highlights a performance that is occurring there. Players will actually want to party, hear some magnificent music, and dance around in explicit areas while likewise managing some fresh out of the box new interactivity mechanics.

There will be three electronic music squares that you can party at in each match of Erangel. One of them is constantly destined to be found at the beginning island before the match begins, while the other two will be at haphazardly picked areas.

This new game mode will influence something beyond offering a fantastic gathering place in a battle royale match as you can likewise discover new armbands. You will pick one toward the beginning of the match between the Guardian, Recon, and Camouflage ones.

Every one of the three have various capacities, yet it comes down to every one having a solitary dynamic capacity to enact in the match and two latent abilities that you can open. You will actually want to open and update your abilities by gathering the spread tapes around the island.

Additional first class foes will presently show up on the front line. You will find out about these in the transmissions. Rout these elites to get some extraordinary prizes. However, not all things are new as the Metro Exodus beasts and Tikhar rifle have been eliminated. The left of the enemies is much smarter, so you should be careful!

Bran new Weapon and Vehicle in PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary update

It wouldn’t be another PUBG Mobile season if there weren’t another weapon or vehicle to appreciate. The new weapon this time around will satisfy expert marksman rifle fans with the new Mosin-Nagant sharpshooter rifle. It is a 7.62mm jolt activity expert rifleman rifle that is quite possibly the most impressive around. It can take out an unarmored foe with a solitary shot from a significant distance.

The Mosin-Nagant expert rifleman rifle will generate on the Erangel and Vikendi maps, supplanting a portion of the Kar98k rifles.

The engine lightweight plane is making its presentation this season in PUBG Mobile on Erangel and Miramar. It will generate arbitrarily on those guides and is a two-man vehicle. There is the pilot in the front and the traveler in the rearward sitting arrangement who can take shots at adversaries.

The engine lightweight plane is another flying vehicle that permits the pilot to climb after sufficient speed has been acquired. It has a fuel tank dependent on the motor speed. The quicker you fly, the more fuel you will burn-through, so players should remember that prior to lifting.

PUBG Mobile Music updates in this 3rd Anniversary

Players will utilize this new music player to look at the different melodies. They can even set the ambient sounds for their specific space. However, you won’t have all music immediately. You should need certain collection things in the game to open the music in the music player.

Luckily, you can give the music collections to different players. Companions can bless collections to their buddies who don’t presently possess them. So that permitting them additionally to have the option to tune in to that music freely.

There are a lot more, similar to more minor changes to execution, the framework, and general insight. In the event that you are keen on discovering more about these PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary update, look at the full patch notes at this link.

Download PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary APK for Android to discover exciting new updates of this version. PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary also updates for iOS, so please click this link to download and play on your device.

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