PUBG Mobile 5 Things Are Better Than Garena Free Fire In 2020!

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PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire are the two top-picked battle royale games, but PUBG Mobile has 5 things that make it a better game to play. Check it out!

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PUBG Mobile 5 things are outperforming Garena Free Fire in 2020. PUBG Mobile turns 2 this year and is one of the most popular Battle Royale games on mobile devices available. Instead of losing players and active followers due to COVID-19, PUBG Mobile has continued to gain more fans and followers, especially during the current pandemic. But Garena Free Fire has also become extremely popular lately.

These are 5 things that prove PUBG Mobile outperforms Garena Free Fire in 2020
These are 5 things that prove PUBG Mobile outperforms Garena Free Fire in 2020

Tencent recently announced that the company is making a hefty income as people around the world are doing social distance and spend more time on their phones. Likewise, Garena says their popular BR game hit a peak of 80 million users in just one day.

But why does PUBG Mobile continue to maintain such high popularity as games like Free Fire are gaining followers? Why are the tournaments related to PUBG Mobile more meaningful and the prizes more sought after? This is because PUBG Mobile continues to have certain advantages and uniqueness that Free Fire does not have.

PUBG Mobile vs. Free Fire
PUBG Mobile vs. Free Fire

5 characteristics proving that PUBG Mobile is a more chosen game than Garena Free Fire

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Free Fire doesn’t have its own strength that causes certain players to choose games through PUBG Mobile. But for PUBG Mobile that has always been in the lead when it comes to mobile BR games in the face of such competition is commendable.

So what are the reasons why PUBG Mobile stands out from an equally interesting opponent like Free Fire? Here’s what we will explore in this article. Here are 5 reasons why PUBG Mobile has an advantage over Free Fire in 2020.

The authenticity of PUBG Mobile is better than Free Fire

If you’ve seen the gameplay of PUBG players on PC or you’ve played it yourself, you’ll know how realistic this game is. PUBG on PC looks so real, all aspects that happen in the game feel real. This of course applies to the mobile version too.

PUBG: Graphics are super sharp with RTX 2060 (Erangel Map)
PUBG: Graphics are super sharp with RTX 2060 (Erangel Map)

Having a really realistic map makes this game so popular. If you see a game with a map or play area that doesn’t seem to make sense, there’s a chance you’ll only get a slight impression or even become indifferent.

The game creates real-life-like maps or play areas. For example, we have Erangel, which is based on the geography of a military island in Russia, a dessert shaped like Miramar, Sanhok taken from the geographic conditions of the forests in the Southeast. Asia to Vikendi has a very realistic snow theme.

PUBG Mobile Erangle Maps with the highest realistic
PUBG Mobile Erangle Maps with the highest realistic

In fact, to add to the essence of the game, PUBGM actually surveyed different locations in the world to turn the buildings that would be turned into one location per map.

Aside from the map, you have to be really impressed with the weapons available in PUBG Mobile. The game has a variety of weapons and these weapons are not just makeup weapons. Weapons in PUBG Mobile really exist in the real world and the design is very similar to the original.

Real locations in PUBG Mobile (Erangel Map)
Real locations in PUBG Mobile (Erangel Map)

Not only has a variety of shapes and names, but each weapon in PUBGM also has its own characteristics. The recoil, rate of fire and even the damage done is as realistic as possible. Imagine how difficult it would be to play PUBG Mobile if you were used to playing BR games that used auto-targeting or didn’t have a lot of lag?

PUBG Mobile does not featured Pay-To-Win like Free Fire

PUBG Mobile is a game of skills. And PUBG usually offers a variety of interesting skins for decorating items and even your character’s vehicles. Prices are varied too, and many skins can only be obtained by spending a lot of money.

However, even with a lot of money, these skins won’t win you the game. As expensive as any skin you have, skin won’t deal extra damage, increase fire rate or even decrease recoil. Everything is purely for decorating your character’s equipment.

Game mode in PUBG Mobile is more diverse than in Free Fire

Not only is the classic mode, PUBG Mobile has many different game modes that you can try anytime, anywhere. And they’re not just for entertainment, because every mode in PUBG Mobile also indirectly helps you hone your shooting skills and devise strategies in a game.

PUBG Mobile's game mode is better
PUBG Mobile’s game mode is better

Every time you play modes other than the classic mode, no points are added or subtracted. Of course, the different game modes also differ in how strategy and gameplay are applied.

For example, when you play Team Deathmatch mode, you can move and shoot quickly and accurately. Load mode requires you to practice strategies on how to fight using explosive weapons. Sniper training will force you to survive in emergency conditions and train to use a sniper weapon or DMR (Marksman Design Rifle).

DMR (Marksman Design Rifle)
DMR (Marksman Design Rifle)

A variety of game modes in PUBGM are sure to save you from boredom. And if you want to play PUBGM without fear of losing ratings or want to play PUBG Mobile but don’t have a lot of time, then game modes other than the classic mode will be the answer.

The ranking system in PUBG Mobile is more useful

PUBG Mobile is a very fair Battle Royale game in grouping ranks. Ranking on the game is divided by server and number of player modes. So you can clearly see the stats showing your skills. If you normally play in solo mode, then the ranking system will change to solo mode, without affecting the duo mode or squad mode.

PUBG Mobile people have a more useful system ranking
PUBG Mobile people have a more useful system ranking

This is an online Battle Royale game that has a ranking system based on a combination of three modes, so it will be difficult to see how detailed your skills or performance are in each mode. Thanks to this rating system, you will be able to easily see which mode you excel in. If you usually play alone, are you better at solo, duo, or squad mode?

The items in PUBG Mobile are more exclusive

PUBG Mobile is a BR game that often collaborates with major franchises. For example, PUBG Mobile has partnered with Resident Evil 2, Angry Birds, Godzilla games. Even a fashion brand like BAPE was invited to collaborate.

Unique items only in PUBG Mobile
Unique items only in PUBG Mobile

These major brand collaborations allow PUBGM to create exclusive skins that are only obtainable during partnership events. In addition to collaboration, the interface or rewards in PUBG Mobile often look unique and different. So it’s natural that many players are willing to spend a lot of money just to get them.

PUBG Mobile is a brilliant adventure-packed action game!
PUBG Mobile is a brilliant adventure-packed action game!

Hopefully, the article explains why PUBG Mobile continues to be popular thanks to five key advantages over Free Fire. That doesn’t make the game any better, and the competition between the two means players benefit from a better and better gaming experience! So let’s not hesitate and play this game with your friends right away!

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