PUBG Mobile Android 0.11.0

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PUBG Mobile Android 0.11.0 is available to download and play! Get the version and hop into the arena of PUBG Mobile game to fight against every opponent now!

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PUBG Mobile Android 0.11.0

PUBG Mobile is accessible with version Android 0.11.0! If you are a fan of PUBG PC, you will know that you are currently able to have fun with another edition on your devices. Along with the present PUBG Mobile Android 0.11.0, players who just want to play PUBG Mobile on desktops or computers can refer PUBG Mobile PC without difficulty.

Actually, PUBG Mobile is the official game of the popular Battle Royale game, PUBG. With the existence of Fortnite and Overwatch, PUBG Mobile makes the world of survivors much more interesting. PUBG Mobile optimized most of the features from the original and launched them on your Android platform.

About PUBG Mobile Android 0.11.0

In case you are joining multiplayer action titles like PUBG Mobile, at the existing period, you will completely realize what PUBG is all about. PUBG is one of the top Battle Royale games. Even, it becomes a major hit worldwide and it can run on PC, Xbox, and PS4. PUBG can be found on Steam and now PUBG Mobile is ready to bring you to another amazing playfield.

Download PUBG Mobile Android 0.11.0 at here

When PUBG is kicked off for Android

Eventually, a real game in English is published. You can download PUBG Android without charge. Obviously, it is PUBG Mobile and it can serve users choosing smartphones powered by Android. It’s very easy to engage in PUBG Mobile whenever and wherever.

PUBG Download is set on a remote 8×8 km island. In which, you will have a great occasion to practice your skills with 99 opponents. Aside from wielding and firing guns or riding and driving vehicles, you do not forget to pick abandoned structures to shelter, hide, or trap and ambush. Every element combines and creates an extremely exciting gaming environment. Instead of playing PUBG Mobile solo, you are allowed to build up alliances. Your partners or teammates will support or cover you while together defeating a strong target or a mad group.

When PUBG is kicked off for Android

According to the recent news, some people could not search for PUBG Mobile on Google Store. If you are one of the persons who experienced that incident, you can check 3 ways to fix PUBG Mobile download error on CH Play.

Features and functions

Come to PUBG Mobile game you can spot many similarities from PUBG. But, they are really appropriate for Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Firstly, you can recognize that PUBG Mobile Android opened a port of the PC version and it’s simple for you to compete against multiple antagonists at once. Of course, the main aim will not change and you must stay alive at the end of the match if you’d like to be the winner and dominate the leaderboard.
  • PUBG Mobile is attached to Unreal Engine 4 which offered a cool graphical game. Besides, we will have HD Audio and 3D effects.
  • Faithful shots in PUBG Mobile Android game will appear with a wide range of lethal weapons and you can opt for ballistic rules to fire bullets or throw grenades accurately.
  • In PUBG Mobile game, quit walking by stealing and getting in a car or hopping onto a motorcycle, and so on. Means are useful to chase or escape.
  • Cooperate with some allies in PUBG Download will give you an edge over other single players. Remember to turn on the voice chat and send them necessary messages promptly!
  • Do not skip the powerful anti-cheat system! So, ignore APK mods and every trick to hack PUBG Mobile or you can be banned!

Recommended mobile versions of PUBG: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB of RAM. PUBG Mobile can be operated with more than 500 devices such as Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Nexus, Sony Xperia, etc.

Requirements and extra info

The following instruction will help users of PUBG Android start smoother.

  • Minimum system requirements: Android 4.3
  • Provides in-app purchases

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