PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021: Is The Online Qualifier Adopt The Old Point Table?

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PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 is started with the prize is up to 1.6 million dollars! The Online Qualifiers is a tournament in which you can challenge yourself

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PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 Spring split Registration had started from 1st to 24th January. For those who have registered for this event, of course, you want to know how online qualifiers work and calculate points. So let’s check out the point calculation system to take part in PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 2!

What are special things in the 2021 Spring Split event PUBG Mobile Club Open?

The PUBG Mobile Club Open: 2021 Spring Split online qualifiers of the 2021 PUBG Mobile Esports season has commenced. An aggregate of 27 locales will vie for a monstrous prize pool of $1.6 million. Three matches on maps Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar were at between 7 PM and 9 PM GMT across the contending 27 locales.

The online qualifiers, which will go on until February seventh, 2021, will decide the groups that fit the bill for the competition’s gathering stage. Groups can play 21 matches. Their two best matches from each map (a sum of 6 matches) the general point table.

The snow map Vikendi won’t be a piece of the PMCO 2021 Spring Split. The reasons are obscure.

This year, the PUBG Mobile authorities have chosen to utilize the old points table for point qualifiers. In the past, they also use the old point system for the online qualifiers of PUBG Mobile Spring Split 2019.

Spring split 2021 online qualifiers score with the old point system

30 points will belong to the group that makes sure about the chicken dinner. While the first and second other participants are granted 22 and 19 points, separately. Each kill is compensated with one point.

The remainder of the positions are as those below:

Old Ponts system for PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 Online Qualifiers
Old Ponts system for PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 Online Qualifiers

This points table vigorously favors the group that makes sure about a higher setting. Regardless of whether the group’s execution is not high, making sure about a main three completion ought to do the work.

The authorities have additionally declared that the new adjusted points table will be utilized after the gathering stage. They presented this framework during PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 2 and utilize it on each significant occasion a short time later.

This points framework gives 15 points to the group making sure about the chicken dinner while granting the team with 12 and 10 points to the first and second runner-up. The game holder will count each kill as one point.

The point will count for the remainder of the positions as below:

Point calculation for bunch stage and Finals
Point calculation for bunch stage and Finals

This decent points table honors consistency all through the competition. The lower set groups have managed the cost of the opportunity to make a rebound. This likewise carries added fervor to the competition for watchers and keeps them as eager and anxious as ever. It will be fascinating to perceive how groups change from the online qualifiers to the competition’s gathering stage.PUBG Mobile is an exciting game with brilliant graphics, great weapons, various characters,… So that, it has attracted numerous players around the world. For keeping players loyalty, PUBG Mobile 2 is going to release with a lot of brand new updates! So keep following for more PUBG News!

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