PUBG Mobile FAMAS Guide: How to find and utilize the destructive Bullpup Rifle for players?

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PUBG Mobile FAMAS Guide will show you how to locate the strongest rifle and use it. It is one of the most desirable weapons for players in PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG Mobile FAMAS guide is provided with detailed information. Livik’s new weapon is one of the most desirable guns in the game and a real beast to kill enemies besides M416 and SCAR-L. So what is the specialty of this rifle and how can you find it before someone takes it? And when you get it, how can you utilize all the strengths of this gun? Let’s find out more about PUBG Mobile FAMAS Guide!

Let's check out what is new about this FAMAS in PUBG Mobile
Let’s check out what is new about this FAMAS in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile weapons with the rising of New FAMAS Assault Rifle

PUBG Mobile weapons are the thing that attracts players to the game. Presented in PUBG Mobile 1.2, the French-made FAMAS bullpup rifle is a precarious weapon to discover. Included uniquely on Livik map, the versatile game’s first selective guide, it’s too solid to possibly be a typical sight as the relatively little scene makes it sparkle pretty much anyplace.

This fast Assault rifle figures out how to counter even SMGs at short proximity, with its included bipod settling on it an incredible decision for pouring damnation on settlements from the high ground, as well. In case you’re to have the best potential for success of a chicken dinner, you’ll need to get it as quickly as could be expected under the circumstances. Here’s the place where to discover it, just as the best attachments you’ll have to understand its latent capacity. The New FAMAS Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile is looking forward to by any players!

In the wake of investigating each edge of the guide in five matches, just two places dependably may contain this rifle – one on the edge of the map, and another straightforwardly in the middle. So where is the best spot to discover the FAMAS? It relies upon the sort of match you’re expecting to run. Here’s the place where to discover the FAMAS on the Livik map and all the bring forth focuses we’ve chanced upon up until this point.

Best ideal FAMAS place in PUBG Mobile Livik Map

The first one is Blomster

With PUBG Mobile FAMAS Guide, choosing a suitable area to land is important. Dropping into Blomster, after various different drops around the map with no achievement, we configured out that there were three FAMAS rifles on the floor: two of which were simple meters from one another. Found in the northwest quarter of the map, Blomster is totally the best spot to go in case you’re not searching for a prompt battle. The quick accessibility of the rifle in this area implies you can equip in relative harmony early. On the off chance that you like to outfit prior to taking on the world, there’s no better spot.

And the second one is Midstein

For the individuals who like to get directly down to the activity, Midstein as a FAMAS area works a treat. The thickly populated town found in the guide commonly sees 10-15% of the match’s populace plunge directly to it: and all things considered. When you land here, not exclusively will you have a strong possibility at finding the ground-breaking new rifle, yet you’ll rapidly get yourself motivation to utilize it too.

This is a treat location in FAMAS
This is a treat location in FAMAS

Best Attachments for FAMAS in PUBG Mobile Guide

First Attachment is Sights

  • A Canted Sight + 2x Scope
  • 2x Scope
  • Red Dot

Perhaps the best thing about the FAMAS isn’t its noteworthy fire and control, however the adaptability it permits. Canted sights aren’t horrendously elusive in Livik, and slapping them on the new rifle close by a 2x or 3x extension is a basic piece of the best loadout. It sparkles in short proximity battle, yet like most different rifles, it can work a treat at medium-range, as well. The reach of a 4x degree manages the cost of isn’t out of its usual range of familiarity. However a combination of close and mid-range optics works best in the more modest bounds of its Livik home.

Magazine – the second one Attachment

  • Extended quickdraw mag (AR)
  • Extended mag (AR)

All alone, the FAMAS can’t hold an enormous measure of bullets at the same time. It’s amazing enough to not need many, yet the certainty of realizing you have shots to save in a frantic battle can have a significant effect. An all-encompassing mag is an unquestionable requirement, yet a quickdraw adaptation is totally the better find. It’s a genuine instance of something being superior to nothing.


  • Suppressor
  • Flash Hider
  • Compensator

Presently, this one is abstract. At the point when you have the decision between muzzle flash reduction, recoil, compensation, and noise decrease, which you go with at last reduces to your picked technique. By and by, I think a silencer is the most ideal path forward. Given exactly how decimating the rifle is at short proximity. Its capacity to take on legitimate SMGs ought to be supported instead of disregarded.

With a silencer, you’re allowed to assault from a distance with your extending sight, creep in close with the red dab or iron sight. At that point sneak into a foe position to bring them down at short proximity all without being recognized or in any event, reloading.

Finally, these are patch notes of PUBG Mobile 1.2 update, with all the spawn location and update attachments. And for not missing any essential information and updates, keep up with reading more articles!

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