PUBG Mobile Guide: 5 Typical Types Of Teammates You Don’t Want To Have In Your Team

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When playing with a team in PUBG Mobile, you will want to avoid 5 types of teammates who will sabotage and even kill you. Find out who they are!

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Unlike enemies, teammates are the people that stick with you during combat in the PUBG game. However, what if you are in a team that has bad teammates? Definitely, you will not have a good experience if they keep getting you irritated, right? In PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC, you will not want to have some kinds of teammates in your team.

Bad teammates are just like enemies when they keep destroying your game in various ways, like looting your items, damaging your vehicles, and so forth. No PUBG player wants to have those kinds of teammates in their squads. But each of you must have been met those bad people at least once. So, who are they? What do they look like? What are their behaviors? Let’s take a look at all types of bad teammates in PUBG Mobile game now!

5 Typical Types Of Teammates You Don't Want To Have In Your Team
5 Typical Types Of Teammates You Don’t Want To Have In Your Team

Types of teammates that should be eliminated from your team in PUBG Mobile

Teammates who don’t stick with your team in PUBG Mobile

If the teammates that are never with your team, then why are they chosen to be parts of your team? You may not understand why! Those people just want to land on areas they want randomly. They usually go find great items or loot from other players. After that, they may get killed by another team. Considering that they can get back to your team, but in the end, they will go crazy and get into battle without any preparation, causing them to be defeated, or sometimes making the entire team die.

Teammates who don't stick with your team in PUBG Mobile
Teammates who don’t stick with your team in PUBG Mobile

These teammates are not really bad, however, they will get you annoyed. This type of teammate in PUBG Mobile will be on your team sometimes. So get ready to deal with them!

Teammates who are selfish

Imagine that you are on your way through the blue zone holding a healing bandage in your hand and if you don’t fix it quickly, you will end up dying, but you don’t receive any healing items from a teammate who is fully blooded and is running with you. How selfish they are, right?

When it comes to PUBG Mobile weapons with scope attachments, like 4x or 8x, you don’t receive them from your teammates even though they are using an Uzi and UMP9 and you are using Kar98 or M24 with Red Dot. The reason they don’t want to offer attachments to you could be because they think they will have a chance to find a sniper rifle in the next building.

Teammates who are selfish
Teammates who are selfish

300 bullets may seem not to be enough to some teammates, which is the reason why they want to take more bullets from the inventory of killed teammates.

Don’t you see the selfishness they have? You should not play with a selfish team that always thinks about themselves rather than supporting each other. The team can be killed by the selfishness! The selfish player should not think about being the winner when they are the last man standing.

Teammates who don’t speak a word

It is very important to talk to your teammates when playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game. Having good communication with your team brings you more advantages, and you can totally get an upper hand on the rival team.

Teammates who don't speak a word
Teammates who don’t speak a word

If you say “Hello” to teammates in a battle on an island, and you don’t receive their response, this will probably be because they have not heard your hello, or probably their voice chat and mic have been turned off prior to the battle. Sometimes, the people in the game will send the talking signs to you via the voice commands, ping, or nothing at all. Not all teammates are bad! There are still some good ones who assist you to search for items or kill enemies. When you are in danger, make sure you try to talk to your teammates as much as you can via voice chat.

Teammates who talk a lot

Your talkative teammates can be even worse than the silent teammates. Normally, this type of teammate lets you know that you are playing with hot-tempered people or kids. They keep talking during the battle using hard-to-understand languages, causing you to be distracted.

Teammates who talk a lot
Teammates who talk a lot

Although some people don’t utter words, they still leave their mic open. By doing so, they can get irritated and will not be able to focus on the battle. If you don’t want to be distracted, just mute the mic until the end of the game.

Teammates who annihilate other teammates

Teammates that kill people in their team are the worst ones! There is no reason for you to play with this kind of teammate in your team. Probably, you may even leave the game early before getting killed by them.

The development team of PUBG Mobile has decreased methods that people can follow to slay their teammates. But still, those bad people keep finding more ways to do that. They can use vehicles or grenades to finish off their teammates.

Compared to the types of teammates mentioned above, maybe they are not perfect 100%, but at least, they are still much better than the type of teammates that kill people in their team. This type just only wants victory for themselves! When you are in a team that has these teammates, you should leave the team soon.

Teammates who annihilate other teammates
Teammates who annihilate other teammates

Since they just want to have victory for themselves, they will not care about your feelings! All they want is to kill you no matter what it takes. Sometimes, they will destroy you, then revive you and then slay you again.

You are highly recommended to avoid this type of teammate. When they are in your team, you should quickly report them to the developers and have their accounts locked and they will never be able to join the game.

Now, you have known the PUBG Guide on five typical teammates you should avoid having in your team in PUBG Mobile. But still, matchmaking in the PUBG game is random. Who knows they will be in your team? You need to prepare some strategies and skills to deal with all bad teammates to secure a chance of winning and having a good experience.

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