PUBG Mobile Hacks: New Enemy Of Cheat Framework Boycotts

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PUBG Mobile hacks banned to create the game free of cheaters and maintain a fair playground, any violated behaviors are prohibited forever from the game!

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PUBG Mobile hacks banned are taking into action by the game developers. PUBG Mobile is becoming dramatically step by step, as it was the most elevated acquiring round of 2020 and added in excess of 232 million new players to its current userbase. Recently, the developers have prohibited a lot of users from their cheat activities. So follow these PUBG guides in order not to be banned!

How many cheaters have been banned from PUBG Mobile?

With such countless active players, it is significant for the game to deal with bad behaviors from cheaters. The battle royale games become more and more popular. To handle such cheaters and keep up reasonable play, PUBG Mobile engineers have some strong enemies of cheat frameworks set up.

A couple of days back, they likewise uncovered that they had made a move against online PUBG Mobile deceiving material and eliminated more than 125,000 duping recordings and posts from web-based media stages. They additionally distribute a week by week report educating fans about the move they have made against miscreants.

PUBG Mobile has distributed its eighteenth report for cheaters who have been restricted in the earlier week, from January first to January seventh. The report uncovered that more than 1,754,008 records have been restricted from PUBG Mobile for cheating, with each accepting a lasting suspension.

The principal report was posted on August 29th, where 1,273,152 records were suspended. And the subsequent one saw 1,838,223 records getting the boot.

A week ago, PUBG Mobile suspended 2,395,953 records for cheating. This week, they have restricted 47% less defrauders when contrasted with the earlier week.

A separation of the restricted PUBG Mobile records

A pie chart shows the amount of prohibited account
A pie chart shows the amount of prohibited account
  • 2 % of Conqueror level records
  • 8% of Ace level records
  • 12% of Crown level records
  • 14% of Diamond level records
  • 11% of Platinum level records
  • 8% of Gold level records
  • 9% of Silver-level records
  • 36% of Bronze level records

Restricted cheat report

The pie chart shows the percentage of cheat
The pie chart shows the percentage of cheat

24% of the cheats were restricted because of auto-point use, which is utilized to shoot adversaries consequently utilizing outsider contents. Around 28% utilized X-beam dreams to acquire an unjustifiable bit of leeway and see the foe’s situation through covers and dividers.

15% were utilizing speed hacks to outflank adversaries through an unjustifiable development advantage. And 14% of the cheats got suspensions for utilizing a change of region harm, where they could murder others in a split second with expanded slug harm. They also ban the leftover account for 12% for undefined reasons.

This news is great news for PUBG Mobile fans, who play fairly and follow the rules. There is a lot of guidelines for players on how to use the PUBG mobile hack Aimbot, but we advise you not to use it or you will be banned oneday. PUBG latest update comes up regularly, so in order not to miss any important information, keep up with us!

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