PUBG Mobile Karakin Map: The Release Date And All Things You Need To Know!

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PUBG Mobile Karakin Map will bring up a lot of interesting features! It has a bigger map and allows more players to take part in this map! Let's check out!

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PUBG Mobile Karakin map will come up with a lot of brilliant features, and it will replace the Vikendi map. It will appear right after this month! And there are three highlight points in this Anniversary Livestream Party:

  • The new map is required to show up on April 7, 2021, and will supplant the Vikendi map.
  • The new Karakin map in PUBG Mobile stretches two square kilometers, perhaps the tiniest map in this game.
  • A limit of 64 players will drop in the war zone.

The Karakin map will be exhibited during the third Anniversary Livestream Party. The new map is relied upon to show up on April 7, 2021, and will supplant the Vikendi map. It stretches two square kilometers and is probably the littlest map for PUBG Mobile. A limit of 64 players will drop on the front line and exploit the new mechanics like Demolition Zone, Sticky Bombs, and Thin Wall Bullet Penetration. The Karakin map will show up in half a month. Assuming you’re anxious to know more, here are the insights about the forthcoming new fight royale map.

All you need to know about the map that will arrive at Anniversary Livestream Party

A few new highlights have been uncovered for PUBG Mobile through its authority online media handles recently. One of these declarations is the appearance of the much-anticipated Karakin Map in PUBG Mobile. In any case, this map will supplant the Vikendi map in the versatile fight royale game, so players ought to appreciate the map before it gets supplanted.

The authority 1.3 fix notes for PUBG Mobile expresses the accompanying about the map:

  • The Karakin map is bigger and even more dangerous. It extends 2 kilometers and rocks are the main thing of this land. On Karakin, you will have to raise your guard every second.
  • Gamers will encounter since a long time ago ran rifle fights in the mountains, city fights that require a procedure, and pressure filled fights under the new repairman, Demolition Zone, which intends to make irregular harm structures so it makes players come out and fight.

PUBG Mobile Karakin map release date

The much-anticipated map in PUBG Mobile will be delivered on April 27, 2021.

Players have waited for this map for a long time!
Players have waited for this map for a long time!

How many players can join the Karakin map in PUBG Mobile?

Karakin will be a little map with a limit of 64 parts in each match. Because the Karakin map is generally little size, matches will be speedier than huge scope maps like Erangel and Sanhok. This is ideal for players who simply need to jump into the game and play a speedy match to sit back.

What is new about the Demolition Zone?

Demolition Zone is the thing that makes this game interesting. This permits the territory to change its format in each match. This keeps players from outdoors inside safe zones since a portion of these landscapes can get besieged and annihilated whenever. On the off chance that you hear an alarm, you better get going, except if you need to get mass bombarded.

The much-anticipated Karakin map in PUBG Mobile will before long show up on April 27, 2021. Players should get ready since this will not be only your customary Battle Royale map. Each match can be an alternate encounter for players because of the destruction zone mechanic.

Finally, this map will bring you brilliant experiences and we promise to make you feel incredible! And are you ready to take part in these intense battles in this game? So don’t hesitate any more and download PUBG Mobile for an amusing time after a hard working hour! And ready to wait for more updates in the future!

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