Which Rewards Will You Get From PUBG Mobile Lite Season 17 Winner Pass And How To Get The Pass?

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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 17 brings a new Winner Pass, featuring brand new rewards and items. Explore when the pass is released and how to upgrade it!

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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 17 is refreshing your gaming experience with a new Winner Pass. Although it’s a low-end version of PUBG Mobile, the game still offers great features as well as receives frequent updates with full patch notes to improve the gameplay mechanics. More importantly, the players’ experience is still guaranteed. In the new Winner Pass, players have chances to try brand new cosmetics, for instance, unique skins, nice costumes, and other items.

What is a winner pass in PUBG Mobile Lite?

So, what is a winner pass and why should you get it? For your information, a winner pass is a pass that allows players to get great items in PUBG Mobile Lite game. It’s more like a system offering rewards to players based on their tiers.

Since the game is in Season 17, players will want to explore new rewards and items brought to them by the pass. Below here is everything you should know about the new winner pass!

All about the Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 17 you need to know

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Season 17 release date

The winner pass for the new season of the game is scheduled to be available on October 1st, 2020 at 7:30 AM IST (+5:30 UTC) after the pass of the previous season has come to an end. In the new winner pass, players will receive a wide array of new rewards with unique items.

Which rewards players will receive from the winner pass?

As mentioned above, the winner pass is based on tiers. Thus, players will get rewards based on the tiers they are at. There are 30 levels packed in the pass. Here are the leaked rewards you will get from the Season 17 winner pass:

Neon Punk 2-Seat Motorcycle
Neon Punk 2-Seat Motorcycle
Black Shark Finish
Black Shark Finish

How much does the pass cost?

Winner Pass comes in two types – Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus. Each type has its own price. For instance, the Elite Upgrade costs players 280 BC, while the Elite Upgrade Plus costs you 800 BC. These prices are the same as the ones for the previous pass.

What to do to get the winner pass?

If you tend to want rewards from the pass, you can completely get it. From the lobby of PUBG Mobile Lite, you see the icon of Winner Pass. Once you have tapped it, the pass will open and you will see the Upgrade button. Since the pass has two editions, you can consider choosing the one you want to purchase. After that, you simply need to tap the Purchase button to upgrade your pass for unique rewards.

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