PUBG Mobile Season 18 Has Officially Been Released With A Host Of Update Features

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PUBG Mobile Season 18 is finally out after days of fans waiting. Check out the article for the new features and updates that will appear in this section.

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PUBG Mobile Season 18 is finally out on March 17th. With this version, gamers will experience the Hundred Rhythms theme along with many new cosmetics and in addition, the new Royale Pass. So after many days of tireless wait, the next version of PUBG Mobile has been released. While PUBG Mobile is an official spin-off of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds survival game, the game has in many ways captured the love of many fans. Plus, it eclipsed its bigger brother, too, especially in terms of sales. The article below provides information that you will probably need to know about PUBG Mobile Season 18.

What is the release date of the PUBG Mobile Season 18?

One of the reasons behind PUBG Mobile’s popularity is the constant wave of updates, seasonal content, and new game modes for its dedicated player base. Therefore, the game continues to attract lots of people. As of May 2020, PUBG Mobile is the highest-grossing mobile game with a whopping $ 226 million for PUBG’s parent company, Tencent. However, this could change in the near future, as PUBG Mobile is currently banned in India.

Even so, the developers of PUBG still do not give up their passion and ambition. They still released PUBG Mobile Season 18 with many attractive features. Currently, the Season 18 has started on March 17th. Now players can enjoy the experience with this new version. As for PUBG Mobile Season 17, this season ended on March 15.

If you want to participate in the action games, immediately download PUBG Mobile from the App Store or Google Play for your phone. As for PUBG Mobile India, the game is currently unavailable in this country after it has been banned.

Besides, Android users will enjoy an even greater privilege. They can take advantage of PUBG Mobile’s new Royale Pass Prime subscription service, and thereby enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards for Prime players. More specifically, those who subscribe to this Prime package can get 300 or 900 Royale Pass coupons per month. Plus, they also get access to Prime’s exclusive Airplane Rank display perks.

IOS users should not be too disappointed about this. While Prime subscription is currently only available on Android devices, people seem to be able to look forward to PUBG Corp’s upcoming partnership with Apple in the future.

What’s new in the next season of PUBG Mobile and the Hundred Rhythms theme

The PUBG Mobile Season 18 has come with the Hundred Rhythms theme.
The PUBG Mobile Season 18 has come with the Hundred Rhythms theme.

According to official sources, PUBG Mobile Season 18 is part of PUBG patch 1.3. This patch was added to the game on March 9th. In this new change, all new maps, weapons, game mechanics, and more … came into being.

Before that, the PUBG Mobile Season 17 had a Runic Power unique theme. This is where gamers can find mysterious, otherworldly objects to grant, and also their weapons various abilities. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile Season 18 has now introduced the theme of Hundred Rhythms. Along with that are dozens of new cosmetics, adding a mode of the same name to the fan-favorite Erangel map. For now, this mode launched on March 9, in line with an update to Patch 1.3, so players can enjoy it.

PUBG Mobile update in the 1.3 patch notes

The presence of Motor Gilder in the  Season 18 version.
The presence of Motor Gilder in the Season 18 version.

In addition to the new modes and cosmetic rewards included in PUBG Mobile Season 18 that we’ve updated above, Patch 1.3.0 also has many additional features. First to mention there are two new maps: Karakin and Code-C. In it, Karakin is a smaller-sized 64-player Battle Royale map that encourages fast, aggressive gameplay. The other is Code-C, a new Arena map perfect for mid-range matches.

Besides, similar to the previous PC and console versions of PUBG, Karakin will also carry the Panzerfaust weapon and the deadly Demolition Zone. Both of these items can provide destruction, death, and explosions, which will make a dynamic element to the map.

Finally, Motor Glider will also be present in the 18th season of PUBG Mobile through Patch 1.3.0. As many people know, this is a two-person flying machine and can allow faster movement on the map gamers are playing. However, Motor Glider will only appear on PUBG’s Erangel and Miramar Battle Royale maps.

How much is the PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royale Pass?

Receive all the rewards and speed up progression by purchasing the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass.
Receive all the rewards and speed up progression by purchasing the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass.

While PUBG Mobile Royale Pass offers free base versions to players, its rewards are limited and often unimpressive. If you are an avid player and are looking for a way to decorate your character in your own style, you will need to pay some money to unlock the pass’s premium rewards.

As seen in season 17, the free pass cannot be higher than rank 60. This will likely be the same in PUBG Mobile Season 18, so keep in mind if the reward goes beyond 60th place, it’s up to you.

Now check out the price for a full PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royale Pass. It will cost 600 Unknown Cash ($ 9.99 / £ 9.99), which allows players to pass Elite Missions to receive all PUBG Mobile season 18 rewards and speed up progression. If you don’t have a lot of free time to play, you should buy the Elite Pass Plus for 1800 UC ($ 29.99 / £ 29.99). This card will help you instantly raise your ranking to 25. Besides that, you can also get some unique rewards as part of your purchase.

In short, now you can fully experience the unique rewards and many new features in the PUBG Mobile Season 18. This version has been released so quickly update it today. We firmly believe that what Tencent brings in this season will certainly not disappoint gamers. For more information on how to download and install PUBG Mobile Season 18, read the related articles. And don’t forget to leave a comment below if you are satisfied with the information we have provided. Thank you!

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