What is The Pubg New State Release Date, Features and Rewards?

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PUBG New State release date is expected and waited by players all around the world! Let's find out what are the special features and rewards in the new PUBG

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PUBG New State has permitted players to pre-register on Android. It appears to be that every one of the individuals who love PUBG Mobile specifically and the Battle Royale kind, as a rule, is anxious to encounter this super item “PUBG Mobile section 2”.

Since PUBG New State will in any case keep the endurance shooting mode like PUBG, PUBG Mobile yet get fundamentally overhauled in illustrations just as weapons, maps, drones and different components in the game just as assorted interactivity. than. Here are some interesting features and special rewards for the release date of PUBG New State!

What is the exactly PUBG New State Release Date?

The release date still stay unreveal
The release date still stay unreveal

Right now we don’t have a clue about the authority delivery date of PUBG New State. However, Krafton – PUBG New State developer will decide the release time, which is going to be just in this year 2021. Before that, the new game distributer for pre-enrollment on February 25, 2021 and just Android stages are permitted to pre-register in certain nations.

Special reward for pre-registration

Every gamers are looking for a brand new vehicle skin
Every gamers are looking for a brand new vehicle skin

Pre-enrollment of PUBG New State will allow you a lasting restricted version of vehicle skin. Albeit these have not been point by point yet. If you want to own this new vehicle skin, follow the latest news and pre-register right now!


There are gonna have a lot of brand new briliant weapons
There are gonna have a lot of brand new briliant weapons

In the PUBG New State trailer over, there’s a great deal of first-individual shot. Shows that the game can additionally broaden this part of the game contrasted with the first PUBG Mobile.

There are numerous new firearm fights just as numerous new weapons in the game. As indicated by the PUBG New State depiction in CHPlay, Krafton presented that “practical gunfight gameplay will be enhanced for mobile gaming” with weapon customization taken to the following level.

What is the context of this PUBG New State?

Krafton said PUBG New State will set in the PUBG universe however will be in 2051 soon. There are various groups in the game with current innovation, promising more alluring highlights from these cutting edge advances. Counting electric vehicles and robots.

PUBG new map

The new map is gonna bigger with more weapons to loot
The new map is gonna bigger with more weapons to loot

The most recent PUBG Mobile 2 map is TROI with a zone of ​​8x km. In this guide there will be numerous sorts of transportation. Strangely, as PUBG Mobile, New State likewise has 8x6km guide zone for Erangel and Miramar while Sanhok and Vikendi are more modest with 4×4 and 6x6km zone separately.

Devices requirement in PUBG New State

In light of the design that Krafton gives gamers, you needn’t bother with a leader cell phone, simply a telephone running Android 6.0 and 3GB RAM are sufficient. On iOS may require iPhone 7 or later to have the option to adjust PUBG New State. Playing game on devices which has enough empty space will bring you better experience.

Modern technologies and brilliant illustration

The game develpers used a lot of modern techs to bring realistic experience
The game develpers used a lot of modern techs to bring realistic experience

Possibly in PUBG Mobile 2, Global Illumination innovation will seem to have the most practical light in the game. Worldwide Illumination is an innovation that will make game lighting look like reality.

It was recently supposed that the game uses a similar Unreal Engine 4 motor as PUBG Mobile. So it will be fascinating to perceive how Krafton uses his GI innovation.

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