PUBG Patch Notes 16 Guides: How to make a name that makes you stand out?

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PUBG Patch Notes 16 guides present you a tiny part: naming the character. It will not affect your skill but matter a lot your attitude during the gameplay.

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PUBG Patch Notes 16 Guides included many tips and tricks to conquer the gameplay, but not yet about how to change stylish names. PUBG mobile has been a hit since 2007 and showed no sign of cooling off. The development team has had a significant effect on publishing updates and keeping the players at bay, especially in the recent PUBG mobile season 16 update.

One of the benefits when playing PUBG mobile is the freedom to choose a name. You can decorate your nickname with anything you could find, even with characters not available on mobile keyboards.

How is that possible?

This topic will show you an easy way to get a cool name in PUBG mobile season 16 Patch Notes. The game is cool, but it’s even cooler with a groundbreaking name.

PUBG Patch Notes 16 guides – change name

First, PUBG mobile guides suggest you to review the rules in naming characters from PUBG. You can use any letters, symbols, and signs to form a name. The name formation has no powers but opens for your creation.

Therefore, let’s think out of the box!

PUBG Mobile-name editing
PUBG Mobile-name editing

All you need is to follow these steps.

If it’s your first time with the game, you can get any name in your mind. But if you want to change the existing title, it’s vital to get a rename card. You can get the card from the shop and use it in the inventory section.

Remember, without the card. You will not do anything with your name.

Now, the window opens, and you can design your name. Some symbols you want may not be available on the device so remember to get it somewhere and save to paste.

Here are some websites for you to collect unique styles and symbols:

  • NickFinder
  • Champw
  • Tricksnation
  • Fancytexttool

There are also websites for you to invent a unique name. Or, listen to yourself and pick a meaningful title.

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