PUBG PC Dev Letter All About The Loot Balance Issue In Erangel

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The dev letter for fans of PUBG PC will show you all of the loot rebalance on the initial Erangel map from the item spawn rates to the balancing goal and more.

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PUBG PC Dev Letter is a thorough vision through loot rebalance in PUBG game, especially in Erangel of PUBG PC download. There are so many developments since the debut, and the team already has some idea about the upcoming future.

Balance again loot for PUBG Erangel.

There are issues about looting balance in the game, generally. However, the hot spot lays on Erangel in PUBG PC download. Therefore, we will give it ample space to talk about the situation.

Before going on with the analysis, it’s essential to look back at Erangel first.


PUBG players from the first days must know that this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds started primarily with Erangel. It’s the main interactive map attracting first fights and warriors. Among Miramar, Sanhok or Vikendi, it’s the oldest battlefield.

Erangel, along with Miramar, is the giant map in PUBG with an area of 8×8 km. The setting here includes an abandoned military field, scattered buildings, and several landmarks. The island consists of both urban and farmland spots so that fighters could encounter a variety. Because of the large area, players of PUBG PC prefer moving around with vehicles rather than walking.

During the game, the island will shrink slowly and then lessen the battlefield. The shrinking causes the competition more intense, and until a red circle appears, bombing happens to add up harshness.

It’s not the only challenge to players. Weather on this island changes sometimes, and it can affect vision or general condition. Hence, players must prepare several plans in advance to react quickly to different situations.

Issues of Erangel

Erangel was the first island in this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , and all PUBG players must experience it before trying other fields. The coming of new maps, events, features, and Pass has added up to lower credit in Erangel.

When all festive and trendy modernity gathers in all other places but not Erangel, the map was set aside for long. In the PUBG community, it’s out-fashioned, unchallenging, and old.

The deserted playfield also ends up causing bugs and badly influences the spawn rate. Because of multiple existing issues, the dev team must work hard in bringing back the legendary Erangel with the effect of 2017.

The job, visually, is to keep the nostalgic vibe but preserve loyalty from players. It will be a challenging job, but the team is working on it. The Erangel purification process could take a long time, along with experiments and testing with real players. Time to experience the gameplay and feedback from players worldwide will help a lot in pushing the rebalance.

The first target is to fix looting issues and spawn rates that have grown messy recently. Below are the details about analysis and planning.

Before the start

When the rebalance starts, the PUBG team will open for comments and feedback from users. Therefore, PUBG PC players should keep up with the official channel to connect with the team and raise a voice. Your words mean a lot.

Spawn rates of items on Erangel

There are two critical actions for players to win in PUBG PC: defense and looting – both of them asking for several accessories, armors, accessories, and vehicles. Conventionally, Erangel manages to distribute all these by a random system. You will find the quantity and items different in each match, and there were no arrangements. As to be seen, Erangel becomes unsystematic.

Erangel is the biggest with the complexity of facilities. However, the ratio of looting is low sometimes when players need something. The coming of well-organized Sanhok and Vikendi with better loot patterns soon praise them to the best battleground. The main map Erangel accidentally becomes out-fashioned just because of following its used-to-be fascinating rules.

When you look at the following graph, you can see that the creation rate on PUBG Erangel climbs up regularly between Early Access and December 17, 2018. In April of 2018, there came more artifacts and attachments to fix up the spawn rate. Nevertheless, the task of the team did not stop because the map trends continuously altered.

The map below shows the development tendency of creating rate in PUBG PC. At the end of the observation, it is turning up. Unlike the April time, the drastic decrease had alarmed the dev team. Adding up more items and attachments at the time helped to fix the growth.

The situation is looking right now, but no one could say the line will go up stably. Hence, the team will conduct a plan to make it a secure rise.

Spawn rates of items on Erangel
Spawn rates of items on Erangel

The connection between the spawn rate and the acquisition rate

While sport is known for better spawn rate, the team has tested pick-up experiments with pros in this mode. They believed that when observing patterns changed during the test. They will find the loophole to the problems. The final goal is to get an appropriate ratio for the spawn rate.

The connection between the spawn rate and the acquisition rate
The connection between the spawn rate and the acquisition rate
The connection between the spawn rate and the acquisition rate
The connection between the spawn rate and the acquisition rate

They applied the experiment in 15 spots to see benefits in looting. They expect to calculate the rate by comparing the chosen group and the rest. Finally, the result showed that the actual looting figure in the selected group is 67.85%, while 33% referred to useless spots – as the PUBG PC Dev letter mentioned.

The result has shredded light to them in reevaluating items in this Battle Royale. They fixed the zones where players cannot find resources for their needs. The pattern interprets player’s ignorance in relating the territory’s popularity to its potential.

The team has studied favorite spots to balance the loot there. More importantly, power-up items also appear in top important areas and come with flexible uses.

Spawn rate and acquisition rate is opposite, but there is the possibility to blend them.

The mission of rebalancing loot on Erangel

Sanhok prevails Erangel since the debut. The map offers a smart system and harmonious loot patterns, which encourage a satisfying experience. Players also express their wish to copy that experience in Erangel.

Sanhok is just half of Erangel, but the ratio of using weapons there outnumbers it in the latter. Figures point out that ARs in Sanhok is 4.75%, while only 2% appear in Erangel. When comparing DMRs and SRs, the lower rate also goes to the giant map.

The mission of rebalancing loot on Erangel
The mission of rebalancing loot on Erangel

The next plan in rebalancing is about changing the focus of items. There will be more weapons with gear about 20% and fewer accessories like pistols or Magazines. The team action will make Ernagel revive but not to be a bigger Sanhok.

Forthcoming plans

Rebalance is not the whole issue that causes disbalance in Erangel. Therefore, PUBG PC Dev Letter also quotes that the team will work on different aspects to fix the map step by step. The process will take a lot of time, many rounds to test, and feedback. But as loyal fans of PUBG PC, we should look forward to the bright future and send help if possible.

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