Top 5 Best Maps In PUBG Mobile (Part 1)

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Vikendi, Zombie: Darkest Night and Sanhok are the first three PUBG Mobile maps that are best for players to compete against each other. Explore them now!

Through the last six seasons, PUBG Mobile has been succeeded in releasing several famous maps captured by most of the heart of players. Each map has its own specific characteristics for the players to conquer and experience. Let’s find out what PUBG Mobile interactive maps are now!

As you know, PUBG Mobile maps are split into two classifications in the discrepant Modes, including the classic mode and the zombie mode. For the classic mode, players will get access to three maps, such as Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. In addition, with the zombie mode classified under the mode “EvoGround”, you will explore Zombie: Darkest Night and Survive Till Dawn II. Both maps are basically Erangel, however, it’s regarded as the specific gameplay, which is why they got included in this list.

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Maps for players to battle against each other

5. Vikendi

The Whole Vikendi Map Is Covered By Snow In PUBG Mobile
The Whole Vikendi Map Is Covered By Snow In PUBG Mobile

Vikendi is regarded as the latest map released in the recent PUBG Mobile update in the classic mode. This PUBG loot map is covered by snow, which was introduced in the Christmas update as a Northern resort island on the Adriatic Sea. In January 2019, the users of PS4 and Xbox One could get access to this new map.

This PUBG Mobile interactive map is so proud to have three kinds of weather: day, snow and moonlight. Thanks to the big stretches of snow-covered land, it will be so much easier to catch sight of players if they are not in the Snow Ghillie suit. For the players who want to camp after finishing their loot will find this map very useful for them. In PUBG Mobile Vikendi, players can use the snow bikes and snowmobiles as a means of transportation.

The secret cave has become one of the crucial highlights of Vikendi. It is situated in the Northeastern part of the map, with a lot of mountains surrounding. Nevertheless, you will find it very hard to get through this area unless you know where to find some hidden weapons in the area. Although it is very hard to see from a high altar, the Cave of Vikendi still draws the attention of many players.

4. Zombie: Darkest Night

You Will Have To Fight Off The Hordes Of Zombies In Zombie: Darkest Night Map
You Will Have To Fight Off The Hordes Of Zombies In Zombie: Darkest Night Map

Possibly speaking, Zombie: Darkest Night is one of the best PUBG Mobile loot maps for players. It was officially released in the latest update coming out in April 2019. Zombie: Darkest Night has become a more intense map when it came to Zombie confrontations.

In Zombie: Darkest Night, toxic gas covers most of the atmosphere. Therefore, players should search for a shelter that is near the house once the timer triggers for the approach of the Tyrant.

Besides powerful and merciless Zombies, you will also come across some new kinds of Zombies in this map, including dogs. The lobby is another thing making this map much more interesting. Normally, you will take a leap off of an airplane and move to your chosen area. Nevertheless, in this map, you will be dropped in separate areas with the blue circle encircling. When the match is kicked off, the blue circle separates and makes way for you to find weapons that are somewhere near the cities.

3. Sanhok

Use Your Good Strategies To Conquer This Greenish Map - Sanhok in PUBG Mobile
Use Your Good Strategies To Conquer This Greenish Map – Sanhok in PUBG Mobile

Sanhok must be the greenest map of all PUBG Mobile Looting Maps. It’s also one of the most strategic maps, which is very proud to have various weapons across the map, particularly UMP9 and QBZ. Nevertheless, you should learn that the easier you find weapons, the harder the survival is.

Usually, the players have a tendency to conceal themselves in an easy way due to the land being covered in thick grass. It’s kind of a nice choice for those who want to camp using the Snipers.

When players engage in something called “hide and seek”, Sanhok becomes the best for them. If you play in the squad, using a nice strategy will enable you to stay alive until the very last circle. Nevertheless, huge ranges of terrains guarantee that every survivor always has a chance to become defenseless towards being seen by the opponents from afar. The amount of tricks needed for the survival in Sanhok makes it one of the perfect areas to be changed into the battleground.

There are still two other best looting maps in PUBG Mobile game, ranking second and first. Click here for more information!

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